New Virtual Simulation Kit Now Offered with Phlebotomy Classes Online

Doing an internship is undoubtedly an essential component and requirement of phlebotomy training, but what if a student can’t find an internship in their area? What if there are no internship locations for a student to practice venipunctures? Fortunately, the availability of virtual alternatives is a viable solution for students in situations where internships are inaccessible.

Phlebotomy Career Training now opens a virtual alternative for students by offering a Virtual Simulation Kit (VSK) with their online Phlebotomy Technician Course. The purpose is to equip students who are unable to do internships in their area to develop their skills in virtual reality and be the best in their field.

Here’s what you need to know!

Get Your Virtual Simulation Kit (VSK) with the Online Phlebotomy Technician Course

One of the clinical core requirements to graduate from the Phlebotomy training program is completing a clinical of 30 venipunctures. For this, the students should start their internship preferably by the end of the course’s second module. Students who are unable to find internships can choose a VSK.

A VSK is a viable alternative to an internship for students to evolve in their Phlebotomy skill level. Phlebotomy Career Training, a leading medical health careers and certification institute, is the first of its kind offering VSKs to its students with its online Phlebotomy Training Course.

Upon registration, the students can get a VSK to complete their clinical requirements. The shipment time is 5 to 7 business days after purchase.

Now no factor can come between your passion for working as a phlebotomist with the VSK, which you can get to complete the clinical core requirements of this course.

Virtual simulations present completely authentic situations to students practicing in their field. They allow students to become aware of the consequences and potential errors they risk making without them being real.

How is a VSK No Less than an Internship?

VSK—A Complete Kit

A VSK is a complete kit containing all the equipment used in clinical settings to prepare students to work in physician offices and laboratories. It enables students to continue their practice and develop their techniques and skill level in phlebotomy.

No Less than Reality

Contrary to what you might think, students using VSK find the transition to drawing blood on patients much easier since these kits are no less than reality, allowing students to accurately assess their skills.

The students practice with their designated instructors, who provide instructions and make corrections via online videos. Following these videos and the instructions provided in the kit, students complete their 30 blood draws, which is the course’s requirement.

Real-Time Feedback from Instructors

The criteria require students to send their videos drawing blood using the VSK. In return, they get real-time feedback from their instructors indicating any corrections to be made. This process continues until 30 venipunctures are completed. Students can keep the kits for practicing throughout the months allotted for the course.

An Added Value

The Phlebotomy training provided at phlebotomy Career Training is a holistic training approach based on evidence-based phlebotomy techniques. Students feel empowered and confident about learning the correct blood drawing techniques supported by clinical studies. Providing VSKs along with the Phlebotomy training adds to this course’s value.

Now you know that you can still become a certified phlebotomist if you can’t find internship opportunities. Enroll in our online Phlebotomy Technician Course and practice phlebotomy techniques on your VSK. Contact 888-410-6416 or visit the website to register for the course now!

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