Future Of Telemetry Technician Employment

Is it wise of you to pursue a career as a Telemetry technician? Is the field of Telemetry rewarding and beneficial for you? Can you receive higher salaries or opportunities to expand your career and become employees of well-known hospitals? Here are the key pointers for everything you must know about how the Telemetry Technician employment is bound to perform in the future.

Growing Demand For Telemetry Technicians 

The medical industry continues to flourish and boom over time. The healthcare sector is expected to expand even more in the future. That means a promising increase in the demand for Telemetry technicians and experts as well.

Telemetry professionals play significant roles for ICU patients in offering exceptional aftercare to patients. Considering how rapidly the healthcare industry is increasing, you don’t need to worry about a bleak or uncertain career future as a Telemetry monitor expert at all.

More Hospitals Favoring Telemetry Professionals

As a Telemetry technician, you become an essential asset for any workplace you go to. Telemetry technicians are skilled at reading the vital signs of critical patients and identifying distress levels of patients. Telemetry technicians have crucial job responsibilities that are being acknowledged more and more with each passing moment.

Every training enables you to notch up your resumes and land yourself decent jobs that pay generously. In addition, appearing in the National Telemetry and EKG exams also helps you earn your CEUs. Hospitals are hence, valuing competent Telemetry professionals.

Flexible Telemetry Certifications

Telemetry offers you convenient training and certification alternatives to help you develop your career continuously. You can enroll at the online Telemetry certifications at the National Telemetry Association to appear for your National exams.

Because there is no expiration of your registration, you can complete the online course at your pace. Plus, you don’t need to take time off from your job to go through the training. You can continue gaining work experience and studying for the National Exam side by side. Gaining these certifications further increases your chances of earning higher salaries and receiving more job responsibilities at your workplace.

Jobs At More Places Than Hospitals

Medicare trends are shifting. Previously, as a telemetry technician, you could work primarily at hospitals because of lesser specialized medical facilities. However, today, outpatient care centers and cardio clinics continue to increase across the United States. That indicates a further increment in job opportunities for Telemetry Technicians as well.

Get Certified For Telemetry and EKG!

The field of Telemetry Technicians is developing at a fast pace. Regardless of your experience in Telemetry, you can register in Telemetry and EKG courses to begin or expand your Telemetry career today!

The online courses offer you ease with several video-based tutorials and comprehensive study guides. Learn at your speed and get your Telemetry certification to help you reach higher professional milestones. 

For further details about the Telemetry courses and exams, you can visit our website or reach out to us by calling 888-461-3029.

Phlebotomy Career Training for a Career in Medical Health

Interested in career in medical health but aren’t sure what the right fit is for you? Check out our courses at Phlebotomy Career Training! A program Specialist can answer your questions and provide details to help you start a new fulfilling career that’s long lasting and always in demand.

There are so many more choices to consider as you browse a wide range of courses available both online and in class in many different fields of healthcare. You can become a certified dialysis technician, a patient care technician, an electrocardiogram technician, or even a medical coding & billing professional.

Visit the NAPTP, the NTA and the NIVA to learn ore about guidelines and standard practices implemented and followed to ensure patient and employee safety comes first.

Online Telemetry Technician Course at Phlebotomy Career Training

Everyone has their own reasons for entering the medical field, but the passion for saving lives and helping others is always there. That’s why all healthcare careers are rewarding. And among these different careers, telemetry technicians have a vital role that requires them to monitor the telemetric rhythm of cardiac patients using electrocardiograms, telemetry monitors, and heart monitors.

Phlebotomy Career Training offers an online Telemetry Technician Course to students wishing to learn the telemetry skill and save lives.

Here’s what you need to know:

Online Telemetry Technician Course at Phlebotomy Career Training

A telemetry technician is a professional, also known as an electrocardiograph or monitoring technician, trained in monitoring and recognizing heart rhythms through telemetry devices. Thus, telemetry involves interpreting patients’ heart activity with cardiovascular conditions through an electronic system.

The Online Telemetry Technician Course offered at Phlebotomy Career Training trains students in setting up telemetry monitoring, analyzing them closely, interpreting the results, and reporting any abnormal activity to the doctor so they can take the appropriate action. You will learn about the EKG system, ECG strips, rhythm analysis and diagnosis, cardiovascular system and medications, and patient care technique, among others.

Any student with a high school diploma or equivalent GED can register for the Telemetry Technician Course, regardless of their work experience.

The PCT Online Telemetry Technician course completion rate is 99%, and so is the occupancy rate. After the course completion, you will become a certified telemetry technician and can work in hospitals and labs alongside doctors and nurses.

Online Telemetry Technician Course Offers Optimal Flexibility

The online courses offered at PCT are self-placed and accessible 24/7 and are designed to work with the student’s schedule so they can complete them at their own pace. The total time for course completion is 6 months from enrollment, but you can do it in as little as 4 weeks.

Students enrolled in the Online Telemetry Technician Course and other online courses are assigned instructors who welcome students, interact with them in real-time, and answer all their questions.

Are You Passionate About Saving Lives as a Telemetry Technician?

Working as a Telemetry Technician is the ideal career for those who want to work in the medical field and help others and save lives. The job keeps you on your toes, requiring you to monitor hospitalized patients’ heart rhythms closely. At the same time, it is way more rewarding as you are there to prevent unnecessary cardiac events and save lives.

The Online Phlebotomy Career Training Course helps you gain the skills and knowledge you need to thrive in the medical field as a telemetry technician.

Call (734) 762-3220 or visit the website for more information!

Did you know?

Phlebotomy Career Training offers more than telemetry certification. There are many career paths to pursue including several tiers of phlebotomy, patient care, medical assistant certification, pharmacy technician certification and so much more at PCT! We also offer National Certification opportunities in various fields, such as phlebotomy, IV technician, and telemetry so that you are a standout in you field. Check out the programs and certifications available at the NAPTP, the National IV Association, and the National Telemetry Association.

Learn more about PCT’s online courses and in person classes in virtually all areas of medical health. Working in the medical field is more accessible and attainable that you think!

Can Doctors Benefit from NTA’s Telemetry Training?

Telemetry training is mandatory for monitoring technicians and highly essential for nurses. However, doctors, medical students, and other healthcare professionals can also benefit from learning the skill of reading an EKG monitor.

If you’re a doctor and love helping your patients, getting a telemetry certification from the National Telemetry Association can enable you to provide extra care to your patients. In addition to this, if you know how to read a heart monitor, it will help you respond to an emergency quickly.

Let’s take a look at all the reasons why doctors should get the same training as telemetry technicians:

1.      Detecting Arrhythmias

If you know how to read a heart monitor, you will be able to detect arrhythmias on time and take action accordingly. The ups and downs of the heart can help determine if there are signs of possible arrhythmias or other conditions.

As a doctor, waiting for a telemetry technician to provide you with the necessary information can be time-consuming. On the other hand, if you can read an EKG monitor yourself, you won’t need to wait for a monitoring technician to show up.

2.      Analyzing P-Waves

An abnormal P-wave in the heart’s electrical activity could mean your patient has a severe heart problem. If you detect the problem early on, you will be able to diagnose the patient and provide them with solutions before the problem increases.

3.      Morphology

Morphology detects issues with the heart’s blood flow, chambers, and ventricular functions, and it can also indicate heart problems or other underlying issues. As a doctor, it will be easier for you to diagnose a patient if you know how to read the monitor.

4.      Get Better at Your Job

As a doctor, you have taken an oath to protect your patients and provide them with the best possible medical care. Getting telemetry training will enable you to become better at your job and save more lives. In addition, you will get access to more knowledge and learn the latest methods and technologies used around the world.

5.      You Will Learn New Things

The telemetry certification requires professionals to reappear for the renewal of their certificate every two years. This means you will constantly be learning new things about this field. In addition, you might even get better job offers because of the added skills.

Concluding Thoughts

If you want to gain access to telemetry training and get your hands on the certification, National Telemetry Association can help. We provide training sessions to doctors, nurses, and medical students all around the country. Register for our exams now!

Add to Your Profession Easily

Earning your certification in a vast number of fields in healthcare is easier than you think. Phlebotomy Career Training offers courses both online as well as in person classes making it more accessible than ever. Telemetry certification through PCT provides a national certification which will set you apart from the competition. This means you stay up-to-date on leading industry standards as well as maintain high standards of professional practice.

If telemetry isn’t for you, you are bound to find the perfect fit by exploring other certifications available at Phlebotomy Career Training.  The convenience and course options are vast including phlebotomy, pharmacy technician certification, home health aide and so much more. Create your own path to a long term career in medical health!

To learn more about guidelines and standard practices in phlebotomy from the naptp, telemetry (NTA) and IV certifications (NIVA)call and speak to a program specialist today! These associations help you build your career with opportunities and skill!

How to Become a Nationally Certified Electrocardiogram Technician

How to Become a Nationally Certified Electrocardiogram Technician

If you’re looking for methods to become a nationally certified electrocardiogram technician, you have come to the right place. We can give you a breakdown of all the possible ways to gain your certification and how you should go about getting that certification when the time comes. One of the significant things to remember is that you must have the proper training before getting your certification.

We have mentioned the steps you must take to become a nationally certified electrocardiogram technician.

Step 1: Evaluate Why You Want to Become an EKG Technician

There are many benefits to being an EKG technician, and you must be aware of your reasons for choosing to enter this field. Often people will choose to be an EKG technician even if they’re not completely sold on the idea. This could be the wrong move to partake in because EKG technicians are often people who need to interact with the patient. Thus, they have to be much gentler than the rest. It may hinder your practice if you’re unsure about being a technician.

Step 2: Check Out the Education Requirements

If you want to become an EKG technician, the most important thing you have to do is figure out whether you have the right requirement to engage in a certification course. Becoming an EKG technician means getting yourself a GED or whatever is the equivalent of that for you. It is the minimum requirement for the particular field, and if you don’t have one, you can enroll yourself in a certification course for an EKG technician. If you don’t have a GED, you should have at least a high school diploma that gives you a general understanding of what is happening.

Step 3: Get a Certification

To get the certification as an EKG technician, you must do your best to sign up for an online certification course for your basics as an EKG technician. As an EKG technician, you must know how to position patients so they can be monitored accurately. You would also have to educate patients regarding any particular testing procedures they could have. You would also have to perform stress tests so they’re not extremely stressed as their vitals are checked.

Furthermore, you would also need skills that allow you to schedule appointments, prepare patients for Holter Monitoring, and perform other administrative tasks, to name a few. Once you know what certification classes you’re signing up for and have completed, you must apply for an internship. This internship requires you to work in a hospital for a while to get your certificate.

Step 4: Find a Job

One of the major aspects of gaining certification is also being able to exercise it. The states that pay the EKG technician the most are New York, California, Idaho, New Hampshire, and Vermont. All of these states are good places for you to stay and work. The money for these jobs is quite good, so you won’t have to worry about spending more than you manage to earn.

If you want to know more about becoming a nationally certified electrocardiogram technician, click here.

More than EKG Certification

Although telemetry is a popular choice, you may find that other areas in medical health may be a better fit for you and your path. The good thing is that you have options. Medical health has many different areas, and you are bound to find your fit. Furthermore, you can attain certification in several different fields or tiers making you a desired candidate for employment across the country as well as around the world.

If you don’t know where to begin, a program specialist at Phlebotomy Career Training can help! You can discuss your interests and explore our online classes and course descriptions. We offer world-class certifications that are taught by experienced educators.  With small class sizes, our medical health students have the advantage of quality instruction and personal attention. And all of our programs are accredited though national organizations.

Some other fields you may want to entertain and ask about are: several tiers of phlebotomy certification, home health aide, becoming a medical assistant, working as a pharmacy technician, medical coding and billing and so many others. Choosing PCT to establish career with a future is a wise choice. Visit us online or in person to learn more!

6 Reasons to Become a Telemetry Technician

You may not think it but becoming a telemetry technician is one of the best things you can learn to do today. The COVID-19 pandemic led us to conclude that many fields were always necessary to have people.

Telemetry technicians are essential to the working of hospitals. But what do they do?

Well, telemetry technicians have the notable work of reading the vital signs such as blood pressure and heart rate of the telemetry monitors to assist doctors and nurses and contribute to patient welfare.

If you’re considering the job of a telemetry technician, we have mentioned some reasons you may want to go ahead with the job.

It Offers an Opportunity to Help Others

Telemetry technicians have work that is very closely related to patient healthcare. If you have entered the healthcare industry, you’re likely looking to help people in one way or the other. EKG testing doesn’t require any invasive procedure. However, ensuring these patients are endlessly comfortable is still necessary. Telemetry technicians must also know what they’re doing as they provide essential data to the doctors and nurses, informing them of a particular patient’s course of action.

You Can Begin a Career Without Certification

You don’t have to worry about getting a certification because many hospitals allow you to work on their team without the certificate you need. The employer will expect you to have a certification at some point. For many employers, it’s a given that you will be getting a certificate for the job, so as long as you have a date for certification in mind and you can present this to your employer, they will let you stay on the job. The best part is that you can essentially pay for your certification.

Certification is Quick

The complete training and certification for telemetry technicians don’t take long. You can wrap up everything within 16 weeks, which is four months. You have a lot of flexibility and can gain all the information you need for the certification online, as many places allow you to achieve certification on the web.

It Fascinates You

If you enjoy anatomy and problem-solving, then a job as a telemetry technician is the one you would want. If you feel passionate about the medical industry, you can provide better assistance to patients. Not everyone who likes the idea of physiology and anatomy needs to end up as a doctor.

Greater Job Opportunities

There are now endless job opportunities in the telemetry technician field. The healthcare industry is only growing rapidly as people are trying to find greater methods of increasing the quality of life for humans here. Healthcare-related jobs are at an all-time high; thus, having a telemetry technician certification can help you find a job easily.

You Can Have a Financially Stable Future

Some healthcare certificates can cost you a lot of time and money. However, a telemetry certification is nothing like that. It has quite a good return on investment. The advancement you make in your career after you have a certification in telemetry is enough for you to want to go for that particular document. If you’re still confused about whether or not you should get a telemetry technician certification, read more about it on our website.

Where Can I Get Certified and What are My Options?

Earning your certification in a vast number of fields in healthcare is easier than you think. Phlebotomy Career Training offers courses both online as well as in person classes making it more accessible than ever. Telemetry certification through PCT provides a national certification which will set you apart from the competition. This means you stay up-to-date on leading industry standards as well as maintain high standards of professional practice.

If telemetry isn’t for you, you are bound to find the perfect fit by exploring other certifications available at Phlebotomy Career Training.  Phlebotomy certification is a solid choice to begin with. There is also a pharmacy technician certification available, 4 tiers of medical assistant certification, medical coding and billing if you seek something more administrative, dialysis technician certification and so much more.

Expand your career by earning multiple certifications and set yourself up for a long-term career! To learn more about guidelines and standard practices in phlebotomy from the naptp, telemetry (NTA) and IV certifications (NIVA)call and speak to a program specialist today! These associations help you build your career with opportunities and skill!

How Telemetry is Changing in Today’s Health Care System

Telemetry is one of the most used ways of data collection in patient monitoring. There are many different ways to look at Telemetry and how its data changes healthcare systems. The Internet of Things (IoT) is slowly becoming a notion. However, even before the Internet of Things (IoT) popularity, Telemetry was something that doctors used to understand their patients better and how they responded to a particular stimulus.

However, IoT doesn’t only have to do with data collection the same way. Instead, it concerns the great value the Internet can provide in disseminating information. There are many areas of the healthcare industry where medical devices and Telemetry are necessary. These are also the following:

Geriatric Care

Older patients must have a much more stable set of vital signs than any other patient group. Telemetry helps track patients wandering and helps understand the activities of elderly patients in nursing homes, among other things. There’s also the fact that elder care is a huge market for Internet of Things devices. These devices often increase the quality of life for many patients and can be quite easy to use.

Data Gathering in Patients

There is also a lot of data gathering that allows for data to be recorded to engage the patient history. Telemetry and data collection are among the simplest ways to gather data using IoT devices. Today, these devices also ensure that this work is then stored back in a database so that the doctor can have a much more comprehensive idea of how to deal with a particular patient.

Real-Time Location

Nowadays, hospitals are constantly using IoT technology that can also use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which helps hospitals track a patient’s state and where they are currently located. They are massively used during COVID times and will stay this way until the pandemic goes away.

Knowing that there are all these changes that Telemetry and IoT are bringing about, it’s important to remember that telemetry technicians must also be prepared accordingly. It is important to inform Telemetry technicians about how HIPAA and cybersecurity apply to the patients whose data will be shared.

Cybersecurity may not be something one feels telemetry technicians need to take care of. However, it is. As a telemetry technician, you will likely have access to the data of said patients. Here, you mustn’t leave any passwords hanging around. It’s necessary that telemetry technicians know about the modern idea around the Internet of Things and also cybersecurity so that they can protect the patient data accordingly.

It is maybe difficult to know and predict where medical devices surrounding Telemetry and Telemetry are going next. However, it’s still essential to remind ourselves that greater information is available and needs to be protected. Certain changes need to be entertained in training for telemetry technicians as it’s necessary for the medical field going forward. Telemetry technicians must be up to date with the world and IoT devices to provide the greatest amount of patient care.

If you want to know more about how Telemetry is changing, please click here.

Telemetry Certification at Phlebotomy Career Training

There are many choices for career paths in the health care industry. We’ve just explored the role of telemetry and how it’s evolving and adapting to modern health care. Did you know that Phlebotomy Career Training has the courses and affiliations you need for telemetry certification and more?

This online course includes hands on clinical practice and is designed for students interested in starting their career in cardiovascular studies. With instructor support available daily and national exams included through the Telemetry Association, you will successfully complete your training with proper credentials, experience and skills to launch your career in the medical field.

Looking to get certified in other medical fields? PCT offers several other certification courses to expand your skillset as well as your opportunities. Our courses include phlebotomy, cardio-phlebotomy, dialysis technician, medical assistant, patient care technician, medical billing and coding, pharmacy technician and so much more.  If you are considering a medical health career, Phlebotomy Career Training is the place.

To learn more about guidelines and standard practices in phlebotomy from the naptp, telemetry (NTA) and IV certifications (NIVA)call and speak to a program specialist today! These associations help you build your career with opportunities and skill!

Find Out What NTA Professionals Are Learning About 

The NTA Certification is taking the medical sector by storm with its increasing fame and support from well-reputed hospitals. Telemetry and EKG Certifications boost the competencies of every medical individual going through the training.

The CEUs earned from appearing and passing the NTA exam helps NTA professionals receive higher pay because of the edge they gain from other healthcare industry employees. NTA professionals are also viewed as more optimal candidates for clinics and hospitals because of their exceptional patient care. They are well-versed with chart reading and analyzing vitals and heart rhythms of critical patients admitted in or recently shifted from ICUs to general wards.

Are you wondering what the NTA professionals learn during their NTA training to avail such benefits? Below are the course outlines of two of the primary NTA courses of Telemetry Certification and EKG Certification. These are the essential practices that medical professionals, nurses, and medical students registered for the NTA exam have access to.

The Full Course National Telemetry Certification and National EKG Certification

If you don’t have any experience in Telemetry but wish to pursue the field, this course is an ideal start. Clearing this course also enables you to land yourself a credible job as Telemetry Monitor Technicians.

The course comprises of two attempts for the National Telemetry Exam and National EKG Exam each. It’s a single course that offers you two NTA certifications upon passing both exams. The training includes lecture videos and a study package with modules and mock quizzes to help you prepare for the National Exams.

The National Telemetry and EKG Certification don’t require any previous experience. It even offers complete instructor support for the medical students to indulge in knowledgeable guidance. Once you pass both your exams, you receive the CUEs (in the case of nurses, EMTs, and medical assistants) and the NTA Telemetry and EKG Patches.

National Telemetry Certification and Review Course

The National Telemetry Certification with Review Course is for professionals with existing work experience in the healthcare industry. The course is an advanced level training for Telemetry professionals wanting to achieve a National certification in the field.

The NTA certification includes teaching the students about all the recent and essential Telemetric practices to perform their jobs effectively. It also comes with comprehensive study guides for all modules and mock quizzes for practice. You get two attempts to appear and clear the National Telemetry Exam. Upon passing it, you receive your NTA National Telemetry Certification and the NTA Telemetry Patch.

All NTA courses for Telemetry and EKG enable you to become more efficient Telemetry experts, improving your monitor reading skills to understand the needs of your patients. Enrolled students learn all the necessary skills for offering secured and top-quality aftercare while reducing risks of distress in the patients.

Register For the NTA Course Today!

Receiving the NTA certification is now a crucial asset for nurses, paramedics, EMTs, medical students, clinics, and hospitals. Passing the National exam for Telemetry and EKG might sound daunting. But with multiple lecture videos and practice exams, you can clarify your concerns and prepare the best.

Here at NTA, you can also enroll in the online Telemetry certification to study for the exam and continue your job side by side. If you plan on achieving the same competitive edge as other NTA professionals, you can start your journey at NTA today.

Contact: 888-461-3029

Website: https://nationaltelemetryassociation.org/

Phlebotomy Career Training for Multiple Certifications

Phlebotomy Career Training is a fantastic option for telemetry certification and more. This online course includes hands on clinical practice and is designed for students interested in starting their career in cardiovascular studies. With instructor support available on a daily basis and national exams included through the Telemetry Association, you will successfully complete your training with proper credentials, experience and skills to launch your career in the medical field.

Market yourself even further and become a huge asset by expanding your credentials with other certifications such as phlebotomy, 4 tiers of medial assistant certification, pharmacy technician certification, medical billing and coding and so much more! Get quality training and enter the workforce with confidence and most importantly, options. Having career options in medical health will provide a versatile, challenging and fulfilling lifetime career that will take you anywhere in the world! Call PCT and speak with a program specialist today.

Global Recognition of NTA Certification to Help You Work Anywhere in the World!

NTA certification continues to experience a boost in its fame worldwide. You can expect the job market for Telemetry to grow even more due to the ever-expanding medical industry.

Telemetry employment is now considered an even more essential career every passing day and in every country. NTA National Exam and Certifications for Telemetry and EKG are now accepted and acknowledged globally.

NTA Certification Increases Work Mobility As A Telemetry Technician!

Are you’re a Telemetry Technician in the United States and wish to transfer to Dubai or the UK? You can now easily take advantage of your NTA Certification to make a name for yourself. The NTA Certification helps you read the vital charts of your patients and identify possible distress in them.

The online Telemetry course also helps you assess the condition of your critical patients in ICU or recently out of ICU. That’s why a specialization as Telemetry Technician is now considered a valuable aspect in the healthcare sector.

The teachings and the credibility of NTA and its EKG and Telemetry courses make you a potential candidate for any medical workplace you apply for. The knowledge from NTA Certification further enables you to handle emergency and critical situations better and contribute to gaining the satisfaction and trust of your patients. That’s the reason why your NTA Certification can boost your resume’s value and assist you in getting higher salaries with more job responsibilities.

Our affiliation and accreditation with the Institute For Credentialing Excellent and CAPCE further make the NTA Certification reputable across the world. Refine your skills as a Telemetry Technician and work anywhere in the world you want. The Telemetry and EKG Exams by NTA open doors for your professional development!

Get Your NTA Certification Right Away!

As NTA certification continues to rise in its global acknowledgment, you have even higher chances to pursue and grow your career as a telemetry technician. You can continue offering better aftercare to the patients and become an asset for the hospital or clinic you work for.

NTA creates ease and flexibility for its enrolled students. Regardless of if you’re a nurse, medical student, medical professional, or telemetry technician, you can now register for online Telemetry and EKG courses. You can also complete these courses at your preferred speed because there is no deadline for your registration!

You receive comprehensive study guides and multiple lecture videos to learn and appear for the National Exam. NTA even allows two attempts if you’re unable to pass the first one. Add your NTA Telemetry Patch on your resume and set out to discover the expanding global market of job opportunities.

You can start your Telemetry journey by preparing for the exam right away. You can enroll for the National Telemetry Exam by visiting our website or calling 888-461-3029. You can also send your concerns and questions through our online contact form. Our representatives will get back to you by the earliest time possible.

Other Resources for Choosing a Career in Medical Health

Gain expertise, knowledge and invaluable skillsets with courses in medical health such as telemetry at Phlebotomy Career Training. Certifications through the PCT provide ample verification that students meet and exceeded national standards. This is because our classes are small, our educators are experienced, and our commitment to patient safety is a top priority.  Your career in medical health is supported by national organizations providing opportunities and securing careers to graduating students.

Our courses include phlebotomy, cardio-phlebotomy, dialysis technician, medical assistant, patient care technician, medical billing and coding, pharmacy technician and so much more, including several tiers and various certifications within.  If you are considering a medical health career, Phlebotomy Career Training is the place. Questions or want to learn more? Call and speak to a program specialist today!

Benefits of Becoming a Member of the National Telemetry Association [NTA]

Telemetry has been a critical part of healthcare around the world. Introduced in the 1960s, it has helped doctors and nurses in continuous cardiac monitoring [CCM]. Since then, the monitoring technique is also being used for non-critical patients. The expansion of its scope has called for more healthcare heroes to join the force and pass the certification courses. National Telemetry Association, alias NTA, has been helping students, doctors, and nurses achieve optimal results for their certification exams.

What is NTA?

National Telemetry Association [NTA] is CAPCE certified and a member of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence. We know the importance of cardiac rhythm monitoring in acutely or critically ill patients and its impact on their healthcare.

Our organization has been striving to provide medical professionals, students, and future telemetry technicians with the standard of education and training that will enable them to provide the best treatments in healthcare. Whether it’s the ICU, CCU, or the Step Down Units, our members are equipped with the training necessary in their field.

Member Benefits: Why Choose National Telemetry Association?

You can enjoy the following member benefits as a part of our growing team:

1.      Lessons from Pulmonology Experts

Currently, we’re providing our members with the latest updates and news with our monthly newsletters. In addition to this, you can also avail of the newly written articles and blogs on topics such as electrocardiogram and Telemetry.

Dr. Shelken Badivuku, who is a medical instructor, lecturer, and doctor of pulmonology, will also share his exclusive insights. You will have access to the latest updates by him each time you log into your personal account, including 20 questions and rationale written by Dr. Shelken Badivuku.

2.      Re-Certification Support

Members and telemetry technicians are required to renew their certification every two years. You can stay updated on all the latest training processes and advancements with the mini-courses provided by NTA. Our membership programs also include comprehensive studies and interactive practice exams.

In addition to this, you will also get an added attempt to pass the certification exam with the required 85% or higher marks.

3.      Unmatched Discounts

Enjoy a generous discount of 20% on your bi-yearly membership renewal. The member benefits also include a 20% discount on all merchandise by the National Telemetry Association, such as the hard copy of a study guide and the telemetry calipers.

Join Our Growing Team Now!

Whether you’re an aspiring telemetry technician or a medical pro, you can enjoy NTA’s member benefits today and get access to one of the best pulmonology tips and guides. Do you have more questions? Contact National Telemetry Association and learn more about our membership programs.

Career in Medical Health Options

Phlebotomy Career Training is one of the first schools in the U.S. to offer certification in Telemetry.  Most hospitals now require prior training or certification before hiring for telemetry technicians.  The amount of hands-on training that each student must have to graduate prepares them to enter the workforce with confidence.

There are many courses in medical health offered at Phlebotomy Career Training including phlebotomy technician, medical assistant, patient care technician, cardio-phlebotomy, pharmacy technician, medical billing and many more! Students from across the Nation have graduated from Phlebotomy Career Training and have begun their careers with success. With classes offered online, and in-person as well as partnerships and support from many national certifying bodies, your options are grand, and your career will last.

If you are looking to get into the medical health or ready for a career change within the medical field, Phlebotomy Career Training has what you are looking for.  Call and speak to a Program Specialist today!

For more information on Phlebotomy Certification click here.

Four Reasons to Become a Telemetry Monitor Technician in 2021

Are you an aspiring telemetry monitor technician? Read this to find four amazing benefits of following this career path in 2021!

Whether you’re an aspiring telemetry technician or a medical pro, anyone can benefit from a certification program. The certificate will help you aim for better jobs in the market, and you may even stand out from the crowd. However, if you’re still contemplating the idea of becoming a telemetry monitor technician, let us help you!

National Telemetry Association has been helping students and pros in achieving the required 85% or higher score for their telemetry certification since 2011. We are aware of the growing need for EKG technicians and the several benefits you can enjoy from this career path.

What is a Telemetry Monitor Technician?

A telemetry technician is responsible for monitoring the heartbeat’s electrical activity. In addition, these technicians also look for any irregularities, evaluate blood pressures, and positioning patients accordingly.

A telemetry nurse would also brief the patient about the procedures and provide them with necessary healthcare. In addition to being familiar with the equipment and supplies for monitoring, they are also responsible for patient safety and compliance procedures.

Benefits of Becoming an EKG Technician

With the global pandemic, more and more hospitals and clinics are following safety measures. This also means the healthcare industry is looking for better EKG technicians with certification in their field. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you can enjoy from becoming a cardiac monitor technician:

  1. Become the Doctors’ Right-Hand Person

If you’re thinking about becoming a cardiac monitor technician, you probably have a knack for helping others. As a telemetry monitor technician, your job will be vital for doctors to make an informed decision. In addition to this, although your job will not be as invasive as doctors, you will be helping save the lives of several patients.

Without your help, a cardiology test won’t be possible, thus making it impossible to detect arrhythmias and artifacts. So, if you want to work as the doctors’ right-hand person and love taking care of people, this job will be perfect for you.

  1. Easy to Get Certifications

Although getting certified is an option in this field, it will help you gain access to better opportunities in the job market. Unlike other healthcare certifications, a telemetry certification is relatively easy to get. Currently, National Telemetry Association is providing a 3-months and 6-months program for their members.

With just a couple of months of practice and learning and an 85% score, you can become a certified technician.

  1. A Life without Debts

With traditional educational degrees, you might live a life drenched in debt. However, becoming an EKG technician is relatively pocket-friendly, with the pay scales accounting for more than the certification in the long run.

Many institutes also offer interest-free loans and scholarship programs for certification programs. At National Telemetry Association, we provide generous loans for those looking to renew their certification.

  1. Expanding Job Market

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job market in the healthcare industry will grow by a whopping 15% between 2019 and 2029, making for more than 2 million new jobs. This means that healthcare-related jobs, especially an essential job like that of a telemetry monitor technician, you can expect a lot of good opportunities and job security.

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