Shortage of Butterfly Needle Gauge Across the U.S. Has Been Affecting Laboratories

A butterfly needle, a winged infusion or scalp vein set, is a tiny needle designed for venipuncture. The needle has a small diameter attached to a thin, flexible tube designed to easily access veins to draw blood or administer IV medications and fluids. The needle owes its name because its plastic flaps on either side give it a winged appearance.

A butterfly needle is known for being thin, reaching hard-to-reach superficial veins, and lasting on the body for several days with minimal discomfort, making it a vital medical device widely used in laboratories and hospitals. However, there have been reports of its shortage since the pandemic across the U.S.

Why is this shortage, and how is it affecting the laboratories nationwide- we’ll discuss it in this article!

Shortage of Butterfly Needle Gauge Across the U.S.

The spike in the number of patients since the outburst of the pandemic caused a shortage of butterfly needle gauges. Why? Because butterfly needles were widely used to administer IV medication and fluids to millions of people, including children, adults, and the elderly, affected by the health crisis. In addition, COVID-19 also caused a prevalence of chronic diseases.

With more and more patients flooding the hospitals and laboratories, more butterfly needles have been used to draw blood for labs and give fluids and medications through veins. This caused a shortage of this device across the U.S. Many COVID patients with mild or severe symptoms needed IV fluids and medication infusions.

In addition, COVID-19 has caused a decline in the population’s overall health, causing a significant increase in the number of patients with chronic diseases who need long-term treatments. Many were hospitalized and needed intensive medical care, causing a significant increase in the use of butterfly needles, eventually causing a shortage.

And this shortage has also been observed in other medical devices, including syringes, blood specimen collection tubes, etc. A sharp spike in demand for these devices amid the pandemic resulted in supply disruption.

Butterfly needles and other medical supplies used for blood collection and administering medications are becoming scarce as their use has been more than usual in the past few years. The major reason is the manufacturing capacity, which is much lower than the demand for these devices.

The shortage can be a big challenge for the healthcare sector, and suppliers have already warned to limit the use of these devices. Otherwise, this shortage can halt many operations in laboratories and healthcare facilities.

What to Do?

To overcome the challenge of this shortage of butterfly needles and other medical supplies, FDA has published recommendations for healthcare professionals.

Healthcare providers must limit the use of these devices and dedicate them only to situations when needed. FDA calls for straight needles instead of butterfly needles. In addition, straight needles are more cost-effective, allowing multiple blood samples in a single shot.

Laboratories and medical facilities that want sufficient stocks of butterfly needles must seek private suppliers with more of these items in their inventory.

Phlebotomy Career Training is one of the medical institutes that realize the gravity of this issue and limit the use of butterfly needles only to venipunctures when it is required to access small veins.

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Phlebotomy Career Training Offers a Great Online and In Class Support Team 

Phlebotomy Career Training Offers a Great Online and In Class Support Team Aimed at Answering Students’ Questions and Helping Them Get Answers Quickly

Many students who dream of becoming healthcare professionals give up because their everyday responsibilities consume them. Their lives are at maximum capacity with a full-time jobs, family, and everyday tasks. Fortunately, Phlebotomy Career Training addresses this issue by offering students both online and in-class medical health careers and certifications. Students can pursue their dream careers and enter the medical field without compromising their current job and work-life balance.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Support Team at Phlebotomy Career Training

There’s a widespread belief that online medical certification classes are not as reliable as the in-class experience. However, it’s just a misconception, and in reality, online programs are no less than in-person programs. The online courses offered at the Phlebotomy Career Training (PCT) are led by expert instructors who welcome students and interact with them in real time.

Unlike e-learning and simple tutorials, the PCT allows you to benefit from strong interactivity with expert instructors and other learners. The support team at PCT is aimed at assisting both online and in-class students and answering all their questions and concerns rapidly.

Classes are small-sized, allowing instructors to spend quality time with students individually. The support team comprises BSNs, MSN-FNP, and medical students and educators with decades of experience to share their knowledge and expertise with students.

And the best part about these courses is that they are highly flexible and you can complete them at your own pace. You can access the courses and all course materials at any time from anywhere seamlessly. Our instructors interact through Zoom and other platforms, offering students real-time experience and providing them with feedback and answers to their questions.

Whether you want to become a phlebotomist, a medical assistant, or an IV technician, we offer multiple courses allowing students to enter the medical field regardless of their professional and educational background. The Phlebotomy Technician Course will allow you to become a phlebotomist and practice in healthcare facilities. It is a great alternative career for individuals passionate about helping others and becoming a healthcare professional.

PCT has been graduating students from Michigan as well as nationwide since 2009 in various frontline medical careers. Our online and in-class programs are supported by leading certifying bodies, such as American Medical Certification Association and National Center for Competency Testing.

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Your Medical Health Career has no Limits

Now that you know how supportive PCT is, also keep in mind that your career in healthcare has no limits. Other medical health careers to explore at Phlebotomy Career Training include pharmacy technician, medical assistant certifications, electrocardiogram technician, certified nurse’s aid and so much more. With courses available both online and in class you are sure to find a program that works with you!

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Online: Phlebotomy Technician Tier III – Phlebotomy Career Training

Phlebotomy Career Training now offers students an Online Phlebotomy Technician Tier III Program where you can achieve four certifications in a single program. This online, four-in-one package is designed to meet the needs of every student passionate about becoming a phlebotomist but juggling with their professional and personal obligations.

Let’s find out more about the program and what it offers:

Online: Phlebotomy Technician Tier III – Phlebotomy Career Training

Every student passionate about becoming a phlebotomist knows that it requires earning a certification in phlebotomy training. When you start looking for institutes that offer phlebotomy technician courses, your priority may be to opt for an online program that you can manage with your job.

What if you get a chance to earn multiple certifications in the same amount of time spent on a single program at the fairest price?

Yes, this is possible at Phlebotomy Career Training through its Online Phlebotomy Technician Tier III Program, where you get:

  • Phlebotomy Technician certification
  • IV Technician certifications
  • Two National Certification Exams

Indeed, a four-in-one package enables you to extend your expertise and career sphere and gain four recognized certifications in a single program saving you time and money.

 Phlebotomy Career Training is a trusted institute offering a wide range of certifications in medical health, both online and in-class, throughout the US. Plus, all certifications are recognized nationwide.

The institute has been offering top-notch certifications in phlebotomy training led by experienced educators for years. The online courses offer no less than an in-class experienced where the instructors communicate with the students in real time through video lectures and zoom.

What Does the Online Phlebotomy Technician Tier III Include?

Besides the Phlebotomy Technician Certificate, this tier III program includes:

  • An IV Technician Certification
  • National Phlebotomy and IV Technician vouchers; these 6-month vouchers are complimentary
  • A full book in PDF (NAPTP Study Guide)
  • Online tutoring and lectures by expert medical professionals at an affordable price
  • A virtual simulation kit (VSK) for phlebotomy training
  • A kit for IV Venipuncture Training
  • Contact the assigned instructors through email and phone.
  • Additional materials and resources
  • Two NIVA ( National IV Association) Certification Exams

In the Phlebotomy course, you will learn proper phlebotomy techniques in compliance with the protocols, point-of-care testing, specimen processing, proper use and maintenance of equipment, practices, and principles for infection control, and more.

In IV Technician training, you will learn proper IV insertion and flushing techniques and principles in compliance with the protocols, venipuncture techniques, venipuncture safety hazards and complications, preparation, use, and maintenance of intravenous therapy equipment, and more.

For online students, Phlebotomy Career Training offers virtual simulation kits (VSK), which they can get upon registration. VSK is a great alternative for students who can’t access internships for any reason. Using this kit, you can complete 30 venipunctures required for this course.

For IV technician training, you must submit a video of your virtual internship. However, since both phlebotomy and IV insertion training involves the Venipuncture technique, you don’t have to submit a separate video for IV insertion.

Besides the above, you learn to:

  • Collaborate with a team of professionals
  • Practice your profession following established protocols, safety guidelines
  • Communicate with patients appropriately and professionally, respecting the diversity, dignity, values ​​, and opinions of patients/clients and colleagues while ensuring the confidentiality of information
  • Capture relevant data and present it appropriately
  • Ensure appropriate samples are collected, handled, and shipped according to established protocols

And the best part about this course is that it offers a 6-month time. You can complete it at your own pace and easily manage it with your current job.

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Offering More than Phlebotomy

Did you know that you have options when it comes to a career in medical health? Phlebotomy certification provides a strong foundation and if you choose to expand or explore, use it as your springboard.  Options include, medical coding and billing, pharmacy technician, home health aid as well as dialysis technician and medical assistant. All of which have several tiers of certification within. Speak to a program coordinator and find your career fit that is in demand.

Go beyond and set yourself above the others with a national certification in phlebotomy. The NAPTP is committed to establishing guidelines, procedures and protocol that puts patient safety first, a top priority throughout the healthcare industry with phlebotomy as a leader.  Check out the programs and certifications available here.

Other programs and certifications that Phlebotomy Career Training is affiliated with and you should check out are the National IV Association and the National Telemetry Association. Obtaining national training with certification from organizations such as these will keep you up to date on leading industry standards and will set you apart from the competition.

Purchase the In-House Phlebotomy Training Separately from the Courses at Phlebotomy Career Training

The Phlebotomy Technician courses offered at the Phlebotomy Career Training include a virtual simulation kit (VSK) for students who cannot access internships in their area for any reason. This phlebotomy training kit has made it easier for students to practice venipunctures at home without going to any medical facility for training. But what about those who still need to register for the courses? Are these kits only for the students enrolled in the courses offered at Phlebotomy Career Training?Fortunately, anyone can now buy the in-house phlebotomy training kit and practice as much as they want at home. You just need to place your order at the Phlebotomy Career Training website, and it will be delivered to your address within 5 to 7 business days!

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Phlebotomy Career Training is a leading institute offering a wide range of medical careers and certifications and understands the educational applications that virtual simulation offers in the medical field. The aim is to make training possible and accessible to all. Many students do not register for courses like phlebotomy technician and IV technician because they involve internships, including a set of venipunctures, which students need to complete in a medical facility or center. Offering a virtual alternative to students has solved this issue. Now, anyone can pursue their passion and become a professional certified phlebotomist.Upon registration to the Phlebotomy Technician Course, students get a kit for free, which they can use to practice drawing blood.But the best part is that students can purchase the phlebotomy training kits separately from the courses to continue their practice. So if you’re not registered for any of the courses offered at Phlebotomy Career Training, you can still purchase the kit.Although purchasing a VSK separately from the course can be costly, it is a good investment that allows you to practice as much as you want and refine your phlebotomy skills.

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Choose your Path

Get started on a medical health career at Phlebotomy Career Training. With so many different courses to choose from, you can create your own path to a long-term career always in demand.  A certification in phlebotomy provides a solid foundation to other tiers and fields within healthcare such as patient care, medical assistant certification, pharmacy technician certification medical coding and billing to name a few. skill-set that is always in high demand.

Phlebotomy Career Training nurtures a specialized skill set with small class sizes and educators that are experienced in the field ensuring students get the training and acquire the skills needed for success.Our affiliations with national organizations and accreditations sets us apart from other schools and the way we operate is by putting patient safety as well as employee safety first.

To learn more about guidelines and standard practices in phlebotomy from the naptp, telemetry (NTA) and IV certifications (NIVA)call and speak to a program specialist today!