Phlebotomy Career Training Welcomes Students from Overseas

Phlebotomy Career Training (PCT) is a leading US institute offering various medical health careers and certifications to students from across the country and the world. The goal is to serve every student passionate about working in the medical field to learn new medical skills and be able to support themselves and their families regardless of their professional, educational, or financial background. If you’re an overseas student who dreams of becoming a certified healthcare professional, here’s what you need to know!

Phlebotomy Career Training Serves National and International Students

Phlebotomy Career Training is a leading healthcare institute founded in 2009 in Michigan to provide a wide range of frontline medical careers, both in-class and offline. Since its inception, PCT has been serving students across the US and those coming from overseas so they can learn new skills in the medical field. Many overseas students that turn to PCT are single women with no income or financial sources with a hope to achieve quality education and secure a stable future for themselves and their children. PCT has been supporting these students through discounts and various financial programs so they can get quality education. Many of our overseas graduates now work as certified healthcare professionals in hospitals and labs and have been supporting themselves and their families.

PCT’s Goal is to Make Medical Careers Training Accessible to All!

PCT has been at the forefront of making education accessible to all and offering high-quality training to every student eager to gain knowledge and expertise in the medical field. PCT has been serving overseas students for years, so people from around the world can become certified healthcare professionals and be financially stable to support themselves and their children.

PCT Offers Various Financial Programs and Discounts on Courses All Year Round

Affordability is no more an issue at PCT. Financial programs like Meritize Financing enable students with no income to fund their courses based on their own merit. Now students can fund themselves for quality education and training with this merit-based funding option and become certified health professionals.  In addition, there are discounts all year round on all courses at PCT. Currently, the Spring Sale is on that is going to end by March 31, 2023. Students can get a 10% discount on in-class and 5% on online courses. Students wishing to benefit from this discount must hurry and enroll by the end of this month.

PCT Brings Spring Sale to National and International Students—Enroll Before March 31, 2023, to Get a Discount!

Whether you’re a Michigan resident or a student from another state or country, PCT welcomes you. As an educational institute, we aim to make accessibility a reality in its true sense and provide every student with the opportunity to learn and excel in the medical field. Get started today if you’re passionate about becoming a healthcare professional and supporting yourself and your family. PCT’s spring sale is on. Register for your preferred course and get a 15% discount on in-person and 5% on online courses. Call 734-762-3220 or visit the website for more information!

Did You Know?

Our affiliations with national organizations and accreditations sets us apart from other schools in the industry. We operate by putting patient safety as well as employee safety first, thanks to set procedures focused on safety and sanitation that we firmly adhere to. To learn more about guidelines and standard practices in phlebotomy from the naptp, telemetry (NTA) and IV certifications (NIVA) click on the links to learn more.

PCT’s Students Go On to Become Nurses and Physicians

Phlebotomy Career Training (PTC) is a leading US medical health career institute offering students various online and in-class courses. The mission is to provide passionate students with different medical career certifications they can seek without any prior educational or professional background and work as certified healthcare professionals.

PCT students also go on to become nurses and physicians. Its courses are also intended for students looking to enter nursing programs or medical schools, offering them great advancement opportunities to embark in the medical or nursing field.

If you wish to enter a medical school or a nursing program, registering for a Phlebotomy Technician or a Nurse’s Aide course will be a great learning opportunity for you. Here’s how!

PCT Graduates Go On to Become Nurses and Physicians

Every year, thousands of students in the US enter medical schools and nursing programs with a passion for working as certified medical professionals one day. And this passion motivates them to get into such an intense and demanding study that takes years, accompanying long internships. They have to assimilate a lot of dense knowledge quickly, with weeks of training.

Although nothing beats the passion of becoming a physician or a nurse, having prior knowledge makes a significant difference. Students graduating from a Phlebotomy Technician certification, a Nurse’s Aide program, or other health career courses have the edge when they enter medical schools. These certifications offer great learning opportunities to students wishing to become nurses and physicians and help them advance.

Students passionate about helping others and working as healthcare professionals alongside doctors and surgeons seek different PCT courses, including the Phlebotomy Technician course, the Medical Assistant course, the Nurse’s Aide program, etc.

The best part about these courses is that they are a great way for anyone wishing to enter the medical career path without any prior educational or professional experience.

PCT graduates continue to advance in the medical field and become certified nurses and physicians. For example, a phlebotomy technician has already set foot in the door of the medical world. Likewise, a Nurse’s Aide, a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), can become one of the best nurses. In fact, the best nurse has always been a CNA first.

Thus, PCT courses are not only meant to become certified phlebotomists, medical assistants or CNAs but are also great opportunities for students wishing to become doctors and nurses.

Enroll in PCT Programs if You Wish to Enter a Medical School or a Nursing Program!

Do you want to become a doctor or a nurse? Register for a PCT course and get the edge you deserve to advance in medical or nursing studies.

Select from the wide range of courses offered at PCT and enroll to become a certified healthcare professional. Enter the best medical or nursing school with a solid educational background and see your dream of working as a doctor or a nurse in a renowned hospital coming true.

Call 734-762-3220 or visit the website for more information!

Phlebotomy Career Training Has Much to Choose From

Take the first step today by registering for the course that aligns with your passion, whether it’s becoming a certified phlebotomist, IV technician, Medical Assistant, or pursuing other healthcare professions. Our successful graduates excel in the medical field and secure positions in top medical facilities across the country. With a wide range of courses available online and in-class, you have numerous options to explore in various healthcare fields. Choose to become a certified dialysis technician, patient care technician, electrocardiogram technician, or even a medical coding & billing professional.

To ensure the utmost safety for patients and employees, the NAPTP, NTA, and NIVA provide comprehensive guidelines and adhere to industry-standard practices.

Shortage of Butterfly Needle Gauge Across the U.S. Has Been Affecting Laboratories

A butterfly needle, a winged infusion or scalp vein set, is a tiny needle designed for venipuncture. The needle has a small diameter attached to a thin, flexible tube designed to easily access veins to draw blood or administer IV medications and fluids. The needle owes its name because its plastic flaps on either side give it a winged appearance.

A butterfly needle is known for being thin, reaching hard-to-reach superficial veins, and lasting on the body for several days with minimal discomfort, making it a vital medical device widely used in laboratories and hospitals. However, there have been reports of its shortage since the pandemic across the U.S.

Why is this shortage, and how is it affecting the laboratories nationwide- we’ll discuss it in this article!

Shortage of Butterfly Needle Gauge Across the U.S.

The spike in the number of patients since the outburst of the pandemic caused a shortage of butterfly needle gauges. Why? Because butterfly needles were widely used to administer IV medication and fluids to millions of people, including children, adults, and the elderly, affected by the health crisis. In addition, COVID-19 also caused a prevalence of chronic diseases.

With more and more patients flooding the hospitals and laboratories, more butterfly needles have been used to draw blood for labs and give fluids and medications through veins. This caused a shortage of this device across the U.S. Many COVID patients with mild or severe symptoms needed IV fluids and medication infusions.

In addition, COVID-19 has caused a decline in the population’s overall health, causing a significant increase in the number of patients with chronic diseases who need long-term treatments. Many were hospitalized and needed intensive medical care, causing a significant increase in the use of butterfly needles, eventually causing a shortage.

And this shortage has also been observed in other medical devices, including syringes, blood specimen collection tubes, etc. A sharp spike in demand for these devices amid the pandemic resulted in supply disruption.

Butterfly needles and other medical supplies used for blood collection and administering medications are becoming scarce as their use has been more than usual in the past few years. The major reason is the manufacturing capacity, which is much lower than the demand for these devices.

The shortage can be a big challenge for the healthcare sector, and suppliers have already warned to limit the use of these devices. Otherwise, this shortage can halt many operations in laboratories and healthcare facilities.

What to Do?

To overcome the challenge of this shortage of butterfly needles and other medical supplies, FDA has published recommendations for healthcare professionals.

Healthcare providers must limit the use of these devices and dedicate them only to situations when needed. FDA calls for straight needles instead of butterfly needles. In addition, straight needles are more cost-effective, allowing multiple blood samples in a single shot.

Laboratories and medical facilities that want sufficient stocks of butterfly needles must seek private suppliers with more of these items in their inventory.

Phlebotomy Career Training is one of the medical institutes that realize the gravity of this issue and limit the use of butterfly needles only to venipunctures when it is required to access small veins.

Reach Out to the Phlebotomy Career Training Team to Enroll in a Medical Health Career of Your Choice!

Phlebotomy Career Training offers a wide range of medical career and certifications in-class and online and provides its students with a Virtual Simulation Kit (VSK) containing butterfly needles, straight needles, and different colored tubes, which they can use to practice venipunctures as much as they can and also meet the core clinical requirements of the course.

Register for your desired course today if you’re passionate about becoming a certified phlebotomistIV technicianMedical Assistant, or more. Our graduates thrive in the medical field and have a high occupancy rate in top medical facilities nationwide.There are so many more choices to consider as you browse a wide range of courses available both online and in class in many different fields of healthcare. You can become a certified dialysis technician, a patient care technician, an electrocardiogram technician, or even a medical coding & billing professional.

Visit the NAPTP, the NTA and the NIVA to learn ore about guidelines and standard practices implemented and followed to ensure patient and employee safety comes first.

Call (734) 762-3220 or visit the website for more information!

PCT Lowers Tuition Fee to Help Students from Low Income Communities

One of the major factors why students give up on their dream of becoming a healthcare professional is the financial barrier. Phlebotomy Career Training realizes this and lowers its tuition fee to help students from low-income communities. We believe that no student passionate about becoming a healthcare professional should be deprived of our courses just because they can’t afford them.

If you find yourself in the same situation, here’s what you need to know!

Phlebotomy Career Training Offers Different Payment Plans to Help Students from Low-Income Families

In the face of the current economic context, many students either do not take admission to their desired courses or quit halfway because they can’t afford it.

The Phlebotomy Career Training is a leading institute offering a wide range of medical career courses to students passionate about becoming healthcare professionals and working alongside doctors and surgeons in reputable healthcare facilities.

Lowered Tuition Fee

 To ensure access to our courses, we offer different payment plans to students depending on their situation to make quality education affordable. We lower a significant percentage of the tuition fee so that students from low-income families can get certifications in their desired careers.

Meritize Financing

Besides lowering the tuition fee, PCT also offers financial assistance to students through Meritize, a merit-based financing platform that funds students based on their past academic and military achievements. Now students can get merit-based funds for their preferred courses.

In other words, the better your achievements, the more funding options you have, and the better credit evaluation you enjoy.

Discount for Old Students

In addition to offering payment plans, students coming to us for the second time also get a $50 discount on every course. So, if you’ve already attended our institute in the past, you can now enroll in any of your preferred courses at a discounted price.

PCT Pays For Students’ National Accredited Exam

PCT partners with some of the most recognized organizations. Their national exams are recognized throughout the United States. We pay national exam fees for students who complete any of our courses within six months. This offer helps students with the national exam fee and ensures they get the highest level of certification that will be accepted nationwide.

However, this offer is only for students who complete their courses within the six months timeframe. Once you complete the course and the core clinical requirements (internship), our team will ask you about your preferred national exam.

Three national exams, namely the NCCT, AMCA, and NHA, accredit our courses. You can choose one, attend for free, and become a certified healthcare professional recognized nationwide.

Get Enrolled in Phlebotomy Career Training and Benefit from Our Payment Plans!

Be the first to register for one of our courses and benefit from the payment plans we offer our students. Now affordability is no longer the reason to stop you from pursuing your desired medical health career course.

Our affiliations with national organizations and accreditations sets us apart from other schools and the way we operate is by putting patient safety as well as employee safety first. To learn more about guidelines and standard practices in phlebotomy from the naptp, telemetry (NTA) and IV certifications (NIVA) click on the links to learn more.

Finally, to know more about our payment plans, call 888-410-6416 to talk to our experts, and visit the website to register now!