Phlebotomy Career Training’s Course Completion Rate is 99%

Phlebotomy Career Training is a leading institute offering medical careers and certifications to students passionate about becoming healthcare professionals and working in the medical field. The courses we offer, both online and in-class, have a completion rate of 99%. Many institutes typically lose around 35% of their enrolled students from the start to the end of the course. In fact, many online courses have an average dropout rate of over 50%. The major reason for this major dropout rate is concentrating all the efforts on attracting new clients instead of focusing on the students and teaching approaches.Phlebotomy Career Training has successfully managed to maximize its course completion rate, and we’ll tell you how!

Why is Phlebotomy Career Training’s Course Completion Rate 99%?

Instead of investing their efforts in attracting new students, the Phlebotomy Career Training (PCT) team on its teaching approach to increase the knowledge retention of their current students and the maximum completion of their courses. This has given them excellent results.Involving students and motivating them to be creative, engage, and actively participate in their learning process are the best ways to improve knowledge retention rates. And this is how PCT has achieved a 99% course completion rate.

PCT Uses Effective Online Training Tools

Finding high-quality online training tools that allow for creating a course and seamlessly delivering the lessons and educational material to learners is the first step to increasing the completion rate. Particularly for online students, it is important to consider that they access learning materials from various devices and operating systems. Not everyone has the latest version of programs and software and has excellent bandwidth.Technical difficulties and steep learning curves with online training software are among the top reasons students drop out of online classes. Therefore, online teachers and instructors must deliver courses through multiple compatible online training platforms and tools.

PCT Said Goodbye to Passive Learning

Traditional teacher-centered teaching styles have never been as effective as student-centered approaches, especially in online teaching.Various studies have shown that teachers and students benefit from switching from passive learning to adopting active learning, seeking to motivate students, be creative, engage and actively participate in the learning process. The instructors assigned to courses at PCT engage and interact with students in real time, offering feedback and answering their questions and concerns. They engage with students through active learning, enabling them to perform better and achieve better results.

Provides Learning Paths Tailored to Each Student

Every student is different and has their own approach to learning. Some are visual learners; others need a more practical approach. Some struggle to master concepts, while others struggle with practical tasks.Phlebotomy Career Training provides students with personalized learning paths, allowing them to learn at their own pace.As mentioned above, the dropout rates on average are 35%, and the elements mentioned have proven to be quite fruitful. Completion rates for the PCT courses have skyrocketed, reaching 99%, and student achievement has also improved significantly.

Interested in Registering for a Phlebotomy Career Training Course? 

Register for your desired course today if you’re passionate about becoming a certified phlebotomist, IV technician, Medical Assistant, or more. Our graduates thrive in the medical field and have a high occupancy rate in top medical facilities nationwide.There are so many more choices to consider as you browse a wide range of courses available both online and in class in many different fields of healthcare. You can become a certified dialysis technician, a patient care technician, an electrocardiogram technician, or even a medical coding & billing professional.

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Medical Assistant Tier II Program

Medical Assistant Tier II now includes Phlebotomy and Electrocardiogram Technician

The online Medical Assistant Tier II Program offered at Phlebotomy Career Training is a three-in-one package including Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy Technician, and ECG Technician certifications. This online course allows you to expand your career horizons and expertise, where you can get three certifications at a price and the time spent on one course.

Let’s find out more !

Online Medical Assistant Tier II Program

The Phlebotomy Career Training institute offers online and in-class world-class medical health careers and certifications to students. For all students passionate about becoming a medical assistant and willing to take this challenging job, the Phlebotomy Career Training offers its online Medical Assistant Tier II Program in which the students will study about:

  • HIPPA and OSHA regulations
  • Take vital signs
  • Infection control
  • SOAP Note charting
  • Perform injections
  • Assist with minor surgical procedures
  • Perform drug and pregnancy testing
  • Create a safe environment for the patients
  • Bedside manner
  • Verbal therapeutic communication
  • Maintain patient confidentiality
  • Scheduling, and more

The best part is that this course also includes Phlebotomy Technician and Electrocardiogram Technician training. Thus, a student registering for the online Medical Medical Tier II Program will also learn to perform electrocardiograms and phlebotomies and do not have to take separate courses for these.

Phlebotomy Technician

In the online Medical Assistant Tier II Course, you will learn:

  • Proper phlebotomy technique
  • Point of care testing
  • Verbal therapeutic communication
  • Specimen processing
  • Record-keeping and documentation
  • Maintaining and using equipment
  • Compassionate patient care
  • Working in accordance with hospital and laboratory guidelines
  • Basic physiology and anatomy principles, and more

ECG Technician

Students enrolling in the online Medical Assistant Tier II Program will learn the following:

  • Components and technical operation of the electrocardiograph
  • Understand, read and interpret Electrocardiogram Lead Tracings
  • Patient evaluation
  • Basic nursing and patient care
  • Basic anatomy and physiology principles
  • Emergency procedures and more

Students will learn electrocardiography and cardiology on multiple multimedia and interpret the 12 Lead ECG through video lectures.

Are There Any Prerequisites for the Online Medical Assistance Tier II Program?

 No prior experience is required. Any student with a high school diploma or equivalent GED can enroll in this online course.

An online certification exam follows the course completion the students must pass to get certifications for the three programs.

Benefits of an Online Medical Assistant Course

Many students are skeptical about online training courses. However, the reality is that online courses bring with them several benefits:

  • An online training course is flexible to your schedule
  • You can complete it in 8 weeks, although you have six months from the enrollment time for its completion
  • It is accessible 24/7
  • Its modules are mobile-friendly
  • It is no less than an in-place course and is offered online through video lectures where the assigned instructors provide you with real-time assistance and feedback.

What are the Internship Requirements?

To graduate from this course, students will need to complete the following training, each supervised and signed of:

  • The Medical Assistant clinical core requirement requires students to complete training and observation for 204 hours.
  • The phlebotomy course clinical core requirement requires students to perform 30 venipunctures. Those who cannot access phlebotomy internships in their area now have a virtual alternate, a Virtual Simulation Kit (VSK), which they can get upon registering for the course.
  • EKG clinical core requirements require students to complete live EKGs observation for 40 hours. ECG Technicians unable to access internships also have a virtual substitute.

And yes, the Medical Assistant Tier II Certifications offered at the Phlebotomy Career Training are valid nationwide. However, it is recommended that students verify their state’s licensing and certification requirements.

Register now before the tuition prices hike. Call (734) 762-3220 or visit the website for more information!

Other medical health careers to explore at Phlebotomy Career Training include pharmacy technician, cardio-phlebotomy, electrocardiogram technician, certified nurses aid and so much more. With courses available both online and in class you are sure to find a program that works with you!

To learn more about guidelines and standard practices in phlebotomy from the naptp, telemetry (NTA) and IV certifications (NIVA)call and speak to a program specialist today!