Phlebotomy Career Training Has Made Education Affordable

One of the critical issues facing society is the rising education cost in the US and worldwide. The situation is alarming, and if it continues, there will be a shortage of professionals, especially in the medical sector.

Phlebotomy Career Training is among the first educational institutes to address this crucial issue and propose holistic solutions to make education affordable for everyone. PCT is at the forefront of making accessibility a reality and ensuring that every student wishing to enter a medical career gets the opportunity to study and practice.

Here’s an explanation of how PCT cares about education and helping families.

Phlebotomy Career Training Has Made Education Affordable

If you’re a student and want to seek professional education, you must have the right to quality schooling, course materials, tests, and whatever is required to achieve your educational goals. This is the true definition of accessibility, which is one of the major objectives of countries worldwide.

However, unfortunately, despite recent progress, access to education remains far from universal. The main reason is rising educational costs, especially in medical schools.

There’s a high demand for healthcare professionals nationwide. More nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals are required in hospitals and labs to meet this increasing healthcare sector demand.

However, due to high costs, many students wishing to enter the medical career give up on their dreams. If the situation continues, there will be a shortage of medical professionals forging new challenges for the healthcare sector.

Phlebotomy Career Training is one of the leading healthcare institutes to address this issue. It has lowered its costs for the different courses for students from low-income families. Besides making its pricing affordable, PCT also brings other financial assistance programs, like the Meritize Funding, so that students can gain funds for their studies based on merit.

Phlebotomy Career Training offers a wide range of in-class and online medical career courses, such as Phlebotomy Technician, Medical Assistant, EKG Technician, and more. Students wishing to become healthcare professionals can now enroll in one of these courses regardless of their professional or educational background.

Usually, the tuition fees for these courses are very high. However, PCT has taken the initiative in this regard. It lowers its tuition fee for students from low-income families so they can seek the career path they want. PCT cares about students and families and strives to make healthcare education and training accessible to all.

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Did You Know?

Our affiliations with national organizations and accreditations sets us apart from other schools and the way we operate is by putting patient safety as well as employee safety first. To learn more about guidelines and standard practices in phlebotomy from the naptp, telemetry (NTA) and IV certifications (NIVA) click on the links to learn more.

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