PCT’s Students Go On to Become Nurses and Physicians

Phlebotomy Career Training (PTC) is a leading US medical health career institute offering students various online and in-class courses. The mission is to provide passionate students with different medical career certifications they can seek without any prior educational or professional background and work as certified healthcare professionals.

PCT students also go on to become nurses and physicians. Its courses are also intended for students looking to enter nursing programs or medical schools, offering them great advancement opportunities to embark in the medical or nursing field.

If you wish to enter a medical school or a nursing program, registering for a Phlebotomy Technician or a Nurse’s Aide course will be a great learning opportunity for you. Here’s how!

PCT Graduates Go On to Become Nurses and Physicians

Every year, thousands of students in the US enter medical schools and nursing programs with a passion for working as certified medical professionals one day. And this passion motivates them to get into such an intense and demanding study that takes years, accompanying long internships. They have to assimilate a lot of dense knowledge quickly, with weeks of training.

Although nothing beats the passion of becoming a physician or a nurse, having prior knowledge makes a significant difference. Students graduating from a Phlebotomy Technician certification, a Nurse’s Aide program, or other health career courses have the edge when they enter medical schools. These certifications offer great learning opportunities to students wishing to become nurses and physicians and help them advance.

Students passionate about helping others and working as healthcare professionals alongside doctors and surgeons seek different PCT courses, including the Phlebotomy Technician course, the Medical Assistant course, the Nurse’s Aide program, etc.

The best part about these courses is that they are a great way for anyone wishing to enter the medical career path without any prior educational or professional experience.

PCT graduates continue to advance in the medical field and become certified nurses and physicians. For example, a phlebotomy technician has already set foot in the door of the medical world. Likewise, a Nurse’s Aide, a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), can become one of the best nurses. In fact, the best nurse has always been a CNA first.

Thus, PCT courses are not only meant to become certified phlebotomists, medical assistants or CNAs but are also great opportunities for students wishing to become doctors and nurses.

Enroll in PCT Programs if You Wish to Enter a Medical School or a Nursing Program!

Do you want to become a doctor or a nurse? Register for a PCT course and get the edge you deserve to advance in medical or nursing studies.

Select from the wide range of courses offered at PCT and enroll to become a certified healthcare professional. Enter the best medical or nursing school with a solid educational background and see your dream of working as a doctor or a nurse in a renowned hospital coming true.

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Phlebotomy Career Training Has Much to Choose From

Take the first step today by registering for the course that aligns with your passion, whether it’s becoming a certified phlebotomist, IV technician, Medical Assistant, or pursuing other healthcare professions. Our successful graduates excel in the medical field and secure positions in top medical facilities across the country. With a wide range of courses available online and in-class, you have numerous options to explore in various healthcare fields. Choose to become a certified dialysis technician, patient care technician, electrocardiogram technician, or even a medical coding & billing professional.

To ensure the utmost safety for patients and employees, the NAPTP, NTA, and NIVA provide comprehensive guidelines and adhere to industry-standard practices.

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