Online Telemetry Technician Course at Phlebotomy Career Training

Everyone has their own reasons for entering the medical field, but the passion for saving lives and helping others is always there. That’s why all healthcare careers are rewarding. And among these different careers, telemetry technicians have a vital role that requires them to monitor the telemetric rhythm of cardiac patients using electrocardiograms, telemetry monitors, and heart monitors.

Phlebotomy Career Training offers an online Telemetry Technician Course to students wishing to learn the telemetry skill and save lives.

Here’s what you need to know:

Online Telemetry Technician Course at Phlebotomy Career Training

A telemetry technician is a professional, also known as an electrocardiograph or monitoring technician, trained in monitoring and recognizing heart rhythms through telemetry devices. Thus, telemetry involves interpreting patients’ heart activity with cardiovascular conditions through an electronic system.

The Online Telemetry Technician Course offered at Phlebotomy Career Training trains students in setting up telemetry monitoring, analyzing them closely, interpreting the results, and reporting any abnormal activity to the doctor so they can take the appropriate action. You will learn about the EKG system, ECG strips, rhythm analysis and diagnosis, cardiovascular system and medications, and patient care technique, among others.

Any student with a high school diploma or equivalent GED can register for the Telemetry Technician Course, regardless of their work experience.

The PCT Online Telemetry Technician course completion rate is 99%, and so is the occupancy rate. After the course completion, you will become a certified telemetry technician and can work in hospitals and labs alongside doctors and nurses.

Online Telemetry Technician Course Offers Optimal Flexibility

The online courses offered at PCT are self-placed and accessible 24/7 and are designed to work with the student’s schedule so they can complete them at their own pace. The total time for course completion is 6 months from enrollment, but you can do it in as little as 4 weeks.

Students enrolled in the Online Telemetry Technician Course and other online courses are assigned instructors who welcome students, interact with them in real-time, and answer all their questions.

Are You Passionate About Saving Lives as a Telemetry Technician?

Working as a Telemetry Technician is the ideal career for those who want to work in the medical field and help others and save lives. The job keeps you on your toes, requiring you to monitor hospitalized patients’ heart rhythms closely. At the same time, it is way more rewarding as you are there to prevent unnecessary cardiac events and save lives.

The Online Phlebotomy Career Training Course helps you gain the skills and knowledge you need to thrive in the medical field as a telemetry technician.

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Did you know?

Phlebotomy Career Training offers more than telemetry certification. There are many career paths to pursue including several tiers of phlebotomy, patient care, medical assistant certification, pharmacy technician certification and so much more at PCT! We also offer National Certification opportunities in various fields, such as phlebotomy, IV technician, and telemetry so that you are a standout in you field. Check out the programs and certifications available at the NAPTP, the National IV Association, and the National Telemetry Association.

Learn more about PCT’s online courses and in person classes in virtually all areas of medical health. Working in the medical field is more accessible and attainable that you think!

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