Why Is Being a Phlebotomist a Great Career?

Is phlebotomy a promising career? The question is often asked due to skepticism rather than curiosity. However, this article will provide ample reasons to pursue phlebotomy regardless of your current stance.

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5 Reasons to Pursue Phlebotomy

Here are five reasons phlebotomy is a great career option for anyone interested in the medical field.

Highly Demanded Career

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics recently published the job outlook report for phlebotomists, which indicates that during 2021-30 the career will notice a 10% faster growth rate than other careers. This report indicates how in-demand phlebotomy is in today’s medical field. Hence, more medical facilities will demand phlebotomists on their professional teams. 

Stable Salary 

As the demand for phlebotomy grows, so will the salary. Therefore, the median pay of a phlebotomist is over $37K per year.

Moreover, the job’s location and years of experience also make a difference. Hence, a highly experienced phlebotomist practicing in a state with a high minimum wage will likely earn more than a novice phlebotomist.

Work in Various Medical Settings

A phlebotomist isn’t bound within the walls of hospitals. They can work in various medical settings, including laboratories, outpatient facilities, nursing homes, blood collection units, etc. Hence, phlebotomists can experience various medical settings and decide which one they want to pursue full-time.

Furthermore, currently, mobile phlebotomists are also in-demand. People who can’t reach medical facilities for blood tests ask for mobile phlebotomists. These skillful medical workers procure samples from the patient’s location. Hence, phlebotomy can suit your interests if you love outdoor work settings or traveling.

Flexible Work Hours

Since phlebotomists work in various settings, their work hours aren’t fixed either. If you’re working under an independent contractor, your work schedule will look quite different than a full-time hospital phlebotomist. Moreover, the weekly schedule of phlebotomists is also lighter than another medical staff member’s schedule.

Therefore, phlebotomists have more flexible schedules, allowing them to spend more time with their families and friends.

Fast Certification Program

Today’s world demands speed. That’s what you get if you pursue phlebotomy.

Various educational institutes offer phlebotomy courses that require less than eight months. However, the recent online courses allow students to set their pace and complete the course whenever feasible.

Moreover, there aren’t any prerequisites to enroll in a phlebotomy course except for a high school diploma. Therefore, people with no prior work experience can also register themselves.

Some institutes provide internship opportunities for students interested in hands-on work experience. However, some might offer virtual alternatives to students who cannot make time for internships.

Hence, phlebotomy certification isn’t only fast-paced but can also be customized.

Bottom Line

So, is phlebotomy a promising career? The answer to this question depends upon your interest. If you’re motivated to save people’s lives and want a successful career in the medical field, phlebotomy is a great career. Additionally, all the reasons mentioned in this post are worth keeping in mind when deciding to pursue phlebotomy.

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