All That You Need to Know About Becoming a Patient Care Technician

There are many notable certifications that you can get when you set out for them. Suppose you’re in between jobs and not quite sure what you want to do. You may carefully consider becoming a patient care technician. You don’t need a bachelor’s degree to continue and get a patient care technician certificate. All you need is your high school diploma, which means you can start your career at a young age if you want to.

If you’re seriously considering becoming a patient care technician, read on as we tell you all about the diploma.

What Is a Patient Care Technician?

As the name suggests, a patient care technician is one of the major technicians that allow care to be provided to the patient. Patient care technicians can and are required to perform several procedures. These procedures may include performing electrocardiograms and drawing blood from the patient.

You may also have to make a patient’s bed and perform oral and denture care. A patient care technician will engage in anything that comes under patient care. Therefore, you will have to know if there are any irregularities when performing care. Alerting nurses if something seems amiss is also a duty that a patient care technician performs.

What Does the Curriculum Include?

It’s a 100% online course, so you will get your certification after attending all online classes. You will learn many things in these classes that will help you fulfill your role as a patient care technician. Some of the included lessons are taking vital signs, knowing how to assess a patient, carrying out documentation and other matters involving electrocardiograms. You will also learn about the requirements surrounding OSHA and HIPPA. Knowing how to support the mental health of the patient is also necessary.

The curriculum also includes infection control so the infection doesn’t accidentally spread. You will also need to know about performing injections of all kinds. You will also learn how to test for drugs or pregnancy, as these are the most common tests. Additionally, there are also matters of medical supply management that you may need to engage in.

How to Get Certification?

You will have to pass a certification course. After completing the course, you would have to take a patient care technician certification exam. If you pass this exam, then you are on your way to working as a patient care technician. Many online training schools provide you with the means to get a certification so you can start your career today. Before you get your certification, you will have to complete the course, but you will also have to complete an internship requirement.

Other Requirements

Other requirements include having a GED. The course is also appropriate for students with six months of experience as Home Health Aides, CNAs, and workers of direct care at least. You will have to submit an experience letter to verify this work on the official company letterhead to get your certification.  

Final Thoughts

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Explore the Avenues in the World of Medical Health

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