Why Start Your Career as A Dental Assistant?

Dental assistance is an excellent career choice if you’re looking for something interesting, engaging, and rewarding. In addition, the profession promises exceptional job security with several doors to develop and grow in the field.

The recent surge in oral care services is an essential indicator signaling the importance of becoming a dental assistant. If you’re thinking of becoming one, we suggest you proceed with your decision. Here’s a quick session to motivate you further and persuade you to finalize your decision. Continue reading to discover some notable reasons for pursuing your career as a dental assistant in the USA.

Quick Learning

Training and certifications can be extensive and expensive. But dental assisting courses, especially at PCT, are still wallet-friendlier than other specializations. In addition, you can learn and appear for the national exam within a year. That way, you can start earning soon- and earn a generous amount. You’d be surprised to know that an average dental assistant can earn around $41,000 per year!


The best part about becoming a dental assistant is the job openings. You don’t necessarily have to work in a hospital or a dentist’s office. Instead, you can land yourself a job in several other workplaces, including insurance companies, educational institutions, armed services, and even dental manufacturing businesses.

Always In Demand

Other diseases or health conditions may come and go, but oral hygiene always remains a vital part of teeth health. Therefore, you get a peaceful state of mind as you become a dental assistant. Your job will never be outdated. In addition, increasing health consciousness and the growing population and elderlies in the economy ensure high demand for dental assistants to manage the dental services.

Career For Every City

A unique benefit of becoming a dental assistant is your career mobility. You can relocate or operate in any state, city, town, or village and still have sufficient demand for your skills and field. After all, every household and individual will always require oral hygiene services, regardless of wherever in the USA they live. Therefore, you can move and relocate freely and acquire valuable experience and proficiency.


Ultimately, being a dental assistant means interacting with patients and helping ease their discomfort. Watching patients sigh relief after getting their treatments can be blissful and satisfying, considering you contributed to the procedure. Becoming a reason for someone’s smile is positively enlightening. And if you’re someone who values customer service and interpersonal jobs, you’ll see high charms in becoming a dental assistant.

Get Your Dental Assistant Certification Today!

Now that you know how incredible becoming a dental assistant is, what are you waiting for? We suggest enrolling in your dental assistant training right away. Are you worried about working and studying simultaneously? Phlebotomy Career Training brings a special offer.

Here at PCT, we offer a 100% online Dental Assistant Certification where you can study at your desired pace. We offer recorded classes, official study guides, and practice exams to help you prepare for your national exam effectively. And the best part: the training lasts for only twelve weeks. That way, you can start job hunting immediately.

Click on our website or call 888-410-6416 to catch the latest updates and register for the course. You can also upload your queries through our online contact form. Our representatives reply in the shortest time possible.

A Career that Suits You

Phlebotomy Career Training offers more than a certification, it provides opportunities for a career in medical health that suits you. Class options are numerous as well as the level of certification you seek. Other career paths to consider are phlebotomy certification, medical assistant certification, pharmacy certification, medical billing and so much more. PCT offers a quality education with experienced educators and hands-on experience. When you graduate from PCT, you will be more than ready to excel on your career path almost anywhere in the world. Call and speak to a program specialist today!

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