Become An Intravenous Technician Instructor

Technological advancements and expanding the healthcare industry ensure innovation in the medical field. Today, there are several specializations you can opt for. Surprisingly, IV-related jobs have skyrocketed, especially after the pandemic. Growing chronic diseases, patient admissions in healthcare organizations, and increasing openings of hospitals, clinics, and medical care centers further escalate the demand for IV technicians.

Subsequently, that’s also a sign of the increasing demand for intravenous technician instructors. Medical schools require more IV Technician instructors to assist and teach interested candidates applying for this degree.

Things To Know About Becoming An IV Technician Instructor

There’s quite a significant potential in pursuing your specialization as an IV technician instructor, considering the exceptional scope of this field. Ideally, you must get your certification from a reputable institution like the National IV Association to add optimal value to your resume and land decent jobs offering high job satisfaction.

Before enrolling yourself in the course, don’t forget to know the basics. So, here’s a blog addressing the certification outline and the prerequisites for becoming an Intravenous Technician Instructor through the National IV Association.

Certification Overview

Managing your personal life and job is hectic enough; adding studies to the mixture complicates things even more. That’s why the National IV Association ensures you find the right balance among all three by introducing a completely 100% online IV Technician Instructor program. You can finish it at your desired pace and better prepare for the national exam.

The National IV Technician Instructor certification aims to develop your teaching skills. It contains 14 modules, each targeting the essential teaching techniques every instructor must excel in to guide their students better. Some of the fundamental course subjects are:

  • Understanding the needs of your students
  • Teaching theories in a comprehensive manner
  • Teaching medical students possessing learning disabilities
  • Teaching hands-on practices like initiating or removing IVS, pediatric infusions, injecting electrolytes and fluids, etc.

During your certification, you can access national study guides, practice exams, online tutorials, and the National IV Review course (if you wish to accomplish your National IV certification).

Before enrolling for the certification, you must have your bachelor’s degree in nursing, with a master’s preferred. Previous relevant work experience is always better because it helps enhance your hand-eye coordination, communication skills, and critical thinking skills.

After completing your IV Technician Instructor course, you will have to appear for the national exam, scoring 85% or more to pass it. Then you’ll be eligible to receive your certificate’s hardcopy, hand-sewn patch, and National ID credentials for employee verification.

Register Today!

Even if you’ve decided to become an IV instructor, you’re bound to have lingering confusion. But that’s not an issue when you can talk to professionals and clarify your questions. Feel free to click on National IV Association’s official website to read about our Intravenous Technician Instructor certification and other offered courses.

You can leave us a message through the online contact form before registering for your National IV Instructor Certification. Or, you may even call 1-800-805-2386 for the latest updates. Our representatives await your call to serve you better!


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