How To Become A Phlebotomy Technician In Idaho?

Phlebotomy technicians are medical employees responsible for collecting blood samples and sending them to medical centers for diagnostic testing. If that’s the field you’re interested in, now is the time to develop a career in it. Recent times are proof of the ever-expanding trends of the healthcare sector. And the boom is creating a surge in demand for phlebotomy technicians.

If you’re a resident of Idaho and considering starting your career as a phlebotomy technician, here’s a quick guide. Continue reading to discover the fundamental things you must know to become a skilled phlebotomy technician and find better job opportunities in Idaho.

Where Can A Phlebotomy Technician Work In Idaho?

As a phlebotomy technician in Idaho, you can find jobs in numerous healthcare workplaces, including doctors’ offices, government, and private hospitals, blood banks, clinical laboratories, community health and service centers, and even insurance companies.

On average, phlebotomy technicians make around $18.02 per hour. Your salary can include additional benefits, including medical allowance as well. In addition, your pay can also vary, depending on your workplace, expertise, certification, and skills. Therefore, you must ideally complete your phlebotomy certification from an accredited and renowned institution, like Phlebotomy Career Training, to acquire extensive conceptual and practical learning.

Fundamental Criteria For Becoming A Phlebotomy Technician In Idaho

You need to have evidence of completing your accredited training before being eligible to work as a phlebotomy technician. And the primary requirements required by candidates at the time of your registration are:

  • Legal Age
  • High School Diploma/GED
  • Background Check with NO Felonies
  • Clean Test Results with Immunization Records

Typically, phlebotomy training programs can take around 3 to 4 months, and after this, you can clear your National Exam and earn your official license. If you opt for online courses to avail yourself of high flexibility, you can even complete the training at a slower pace, under six months.

Moreover, your license will expire every two years. So, you’ll need to renew it to continue working as a licensed and practicing phlebotomy technician.

Skills Required To Succeed As A Phlebotomy Technician In Idaho

As a leading phlebotomy technician in Idaho, you must be people-friendly and empathetic to understand your patient’s needs and fears. You must communicate with them and soothe their worries and queries while multi-tasking to perform venipunctures and skin punctures safely and agilely.

In addition, you must have extensive knowledge of phlebotomy techniques and be quick in documentation and equipment handling.

Phlebotomy Certifications At PCT

Phlebotomy Career Training works to facilitate all candidates interested in getting their phlebotomy certification and beginning their professional careers. That’s why we offer online phlebotomy training programs to all students of the United States. Our programs include Phlebotomy Technician Certification, Phlebotomy with EKG, and Cardio-Phlebotomy Technician.

Our courses include 24/7 access to recorded lectures, study guides, and practice exams for six months to help you prepare for your National Exam. The training programs cover the vital topics, including:

  • Patient assessment
  • Specimen and disease processing
  • Principles of phlebotomy techniques and anatomy
  • Documentation and maintenance of equipment

You will have to complete 30 blood draws and 10 live EKGs (in the case of Cardio-Phlebotomy) to receive your CEUs and license accredited by CAPCE.

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