Learn About Phlebotomy Jobs in Atlanta

Covid’19 caused shifts in several dynamics, one of them being the boom of the healthcare sector. Today, as the demand for health-related services increases, so is the demand for veinous specialization, including blood drawing and venipuncture.

Currently, there are more than 81000 job openings for phlebotomists, with a high portion being from Atlanta.

So, if you’re a local in Atlanta and interested in developing your professional career as a phlebotomist, now is the best time to take charge. Below we’ll offer an insight into potential job opportunities you can seek as a phlebotomy technician and how to begin your journey as a phlebotomist right away.

Where Does A Phlebotomist Work In Atlanta?

As a phlebotomist, your services are required in several places, including doctor’s offices, hospitals, blood donation centers, and diagnostic and medical centers.

You don’t need prior and relevant work experience to pursue your phlebotomy training and seek employment opportunities. However, it’s vital to get your phlebotomy certification and pass your National Exam after acquiring sufficient skills and becoming well-versed in the latest theories and practices. That adds value to your resume by landing you a job in a reputable workplace that pays higher than the average salary.

Phlebotomy Job Openings In Atlanta

On average, the basic salary for a phlebotomist in Atlanta is around $17.13 per hour. And most workplaces offer added benefits, depending on your experience, skills, and certification. That’s one crucial reason for getting your phlebotomy certification from an accredited and renowned Phlebotomy institution.

Some of the best workplaces offering an appealing salary package include Kaiser Permanente, American Red Cross, EMSI, Genie Healthcare, and Quest Diagnostics.  

Requirements And Basic Skills Required From A Phlebotomist

To enroll in a phlebotomy training certification, you must have your GED or high school diploma, be of legal age, and submit your immunization records. You must also test negative for TB and Hepatitis and have a clean background check with zero felonies under your name.

As a phlebotomist, you must have:

  • Comprehensive understanding of Phlebotomy
  • Expertise in data entry and recording,
  • Venipuncture experience
  • Knowledge about medical jargon, compliance with FDA regulations
  • Skills for multi-tasking, delivering excellent and hygienic patient care.    

Phlebotomy Certification In Atlanta

To get your certification as a phlebotomist, you need to complete your training from a third-party agency like Phlebotomy Career Training. PCT offers online phlebotomy courses, including Phlebotomy Technician Certification, Cardio-Phlebotomy Technician, and Phlebotomy with EKG program. The online courses assist you in pursuing your phlebotomy training regardless of where you live or work.

After registering for your required certification, you will have six months to complete the training and appear for the National Exam. You will have 24/7 unlimited and unrestricted access to PCT’s study guides, practice exam questions, and online recorded videos during this time.

To acquire your certification in Phlebotomy, you will need to submit proof of 30 blood draws with an additional requirement of 10 live EKGs if you opt for the Cardio-Phlebotomy program. After passing your National Exam, you receive your CEUs through CAPCE and can start searching for Phlebotomy jobs in Atlanta right away.

All phlebotomy training programs cover the fundamental concepts, including venipuncture, patient assessment and care, documentation, primary principles of physiology and anatomy, and specimen processing. Registering for Cardio-Phlebotomy will also include advanced learning to help you specialize in 7 fields, including National EKG Technician, IV Technician, Electrocardiogram Technician, and Telemetry Technician.

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More Information on Phlebotomy Certification

Learn more about certification and accreditation through the National Association of Phlebotomy Professionals. It is the leading organization in the nations for certification. Gain expertise, skill and opportunities by visiting naptp.com.

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