A Prestigious Partnership Between Phlebotomy Career Training and Beaumont Healthcare System

A Prestigious Partnership Between Phlebotomy Career Training and Beaumont Healthcare System for Online Programs

If you work in the health care industry, maintaining your private and professional lives can be a challenge sometimes. Not just that, but the healthcare sector demands constant learning and training to keep yourself updated with new and essential skills and boost your experience.

That is why we at Phlebotomy Career Training offer on-site and online courses and training programs. You can finish these video-based tutorials at your ease, appear in the national exams, and get authentic certifications. Our constant development now includes a new milestone. We have now partnered with Beaumont Healthcare System and will co-assist for our Medical Assistant Program and phlebotomy programs.

We believe in offering the best resources for your clear and comprehensive knowledge. Our experts have joined hands to increase the effectiveness of both our programs in adding value to your resumes.

An Overview Of The Phlebotomy Program

The Online Phlebotomy Program offers you personalized mentoring through online classes on Zoom. In case you cannot attend the live sessions, we will upload the recorded classes as well. Because the course will include teachings from Phlebotomy Career Training and Beaumont Healthcare System, we have now increased the course hours to 170 hours.

The Phlebotomy Program will cover an extensive range of topics, including anatomy of skin and vessels, diabetes and its types, collecting and testing blood, testing of pregnancy and glucose, and basics of fields including pathology and coagulation. The fundamental aim of the course is to expand your experience and accomplish career growth.

You will have six months after your registration to complete the course, and upon clearing your National Test, you will receive your 16.5 CEU’s from CAPCE. The course is approved by NAPTP, AMCA, AMT, and NCCT, and with the partnership formed with the Beaumont Healthcare System, we believe that the course will be an even more valuable journey for the students.

An Overview Of The Medical Assistant Program

The Medical Assistant Certification is our online program that includes live and recorded sessions and a National Exam. It’s a 408-hours program accredited by NHA, NCCT, and AMCA. It’s taught by some of the best medical experts of Phlebotomy Career Training and Beaumont Healthcare System.

The course includes extensive learning of all the crucial jobs of medical assistance. As you complete the course, you will have substantial knowledge of assisting your physician, inserting IVs, observing electronic medical records, storing vaccines, drawing up and managing medication, and aftercare of your patients.

You can start with the course as soon as you register and have six months to attend the sessions and appear in the exam. You don’t need to have any previous experience to enroll in the course. However, you will need to complete 204 clinical hours at a physician’s office or your nearby emergency care to graduate. In the case of previous experience, you can even submit the required documents to be exempted from the 204-hour requirement as well.

Get Your CEU’s Today!

The partnership between Phlebotomy Career Training and Beaumont Healthcare System is a steppingstone that has opened doors of multiple opportunities for us and you. We offer several other certifications as well. Our World-Class certifications led by experienced educators include dialysis technician, patient care technician, several tiers of phlebotomy including cardio phlebotomy, pharmacy technician certification and so much more. Career options are abundant, easily accessible as well as attainable.

Visit our office in Michigan or reach out to us by phone or email with your queries and concerns. Click here to gather details about our courses from our official website.

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