Use Your Military Experience to Obtain Your NTA Certification

Now that you’ve retired and want to pursue a career in Telemetry, you’ve got an excellent opportunity! Serving in the military is an honor. It becomes even more strategic when you work for the telemetry unit or gain sufficient telemetry experience during your military times.

You can use your telemetry experience to enroll in a review course or directly take the National Telemetry Exam from NTA. Utilizing your knowledge to get your NTA Certification can help open doors of opportunities for you in the Telemetry sector.

As demand for telemetry experts continues to rise, this is your opportunity to strengthen your resume and impress your workplace with your credible NTA experience. NTA offers several Telemetry and EKG courses, including a range of video-based recorded lectures and extensive study guides to keep you up-to-date with the latest practices in the telemetry field. Considering you already have significant experience from your military times, you wouldn’t find it hard to study and appear for the National Exam either!

National Telemetry Certification + Review Course

The National Telemetry Certification with Review Course is ideal if you have previous or current healthcare working experience. The course guides you for the National Exam. The review course also offers practice tests with unlimited attempts to prepare better.

National EKG Certification + Review Course

The National EKG Certification with Review Course doesn’t require any previous work experience in healthcare. So, if you think your military experience in the Telemetry unit isn’t enough for passing the National Exam, you can always enroll in this course. The course will assist you in gaining your NTA EKG Patch and then developing your Telemetry experience further.

National Telemetry Certification Exam Only

If you think you can make the best use of your military experience in Telemetry, you can straightaway opt for the National Telemetry Certification Exam Only course. It allows you one attempt for the National Telemetry Exam. So, it’s better to go for this option only if you have strong telemetry experience from your military times and are confident about your skills and expertise in Telemetry. You can revise and go through the concepts of Telemetry by buying our NTA comprehensive study package. That does wonders to refresh your telemetry knowledge and boosts the chances of passing your telemetry exam in one go.

Register For The Review Course Or Challenge The Exam Today!

NTA has been rising in its fame due to its high credibility and the course outline to help you offer optimal patient care. That’s why having an NTA Certification can make you an asset for the hospital or clinic you work at.

If you register for the online review course, you can complete it when you see fit because your registration doesn’t have any deadline either. You can visit our website for further information on Telemetry and NTA experience. If you have any questions or concerns about the Telemetry exam, you can send them in using our online form or calling 888-461-3029.

Add NTA experience to your resume and find jobs across the globe!

Certifications that Offer More than Telemetry Career Options

If you are looking to expand your career in health care and become an asset to the industry, Phlebotomy Career Training provides those opportunities. Phlebotomy certification offers several tiers or levels of certification and can be paired with telemetry, IV certification, cardio EKG certification, medical assistant certification, and so much more!

All courses are Nationally Accredited, available both online and in class and are taught by experienced educators working in the field. You will gain expertise, knowledge and invaluable skill sets through the courses offered at PCT. With a commitment to patient safety as top priority, our students graduate ready to embark on their medical health careers as an asset and are the most sought after in the industry.

The choices are vast in medical health so let Phlebotomy Career Training help you embark on the opportunities you are looking for. Get a career that will always be in demand and call PCT to speak with a program specialist today!

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