Health Spas Provide Opportunities for Certified Medical Assistants and Technicians

Health Spas, Vitamin Drip Therapy, and Medical Assistants | An unlikely combo that might just last

Health Spas as a destination have steadily risen in popularity over the last decade. While the industry did take a bit of a hit with the recent pandemic, with people on their way back to offices and hangout spots around the country, there’s no doubt that it’s on its way to recovery as well. “But what does this have to do with medical assistants?” you might ask.

Well, you may have heard of Vitamin Drip Therapy, which is an IV treatment that purportedly cures all manner of things, from actual vitamin deficiency to signs of aging, to hangovers. While the positive and negative effects of the treatment itself have been debated heavily in medical circles and on celebrity talk shows, the jury’s still out on whether they’re concretely beneficial.

What is Vitamin Drip Therapy?

A lack of certain minerals and vitamins is to be expected for people with conditions that impede their appetite or conditions that affect the nutrient absorption rate. Since their system can’t process their food to extract the necessary nutrients, or there isn’t enough food to go around, to begin with, these imbalances are routine. Vitamin therapy allows a doctor or practitioner to prepare a saline mix of the vitamins and minerals and introduce this mixture directly into the bloodstream, which can be absorbed in a greater rate.

The risks

As with any form of treatment, Vitamin Drip Therapy comes with certain risks. These risks need to be assessed and mitigated by the efforts of both you and your practitioner. Your skin is your first layer of protection against bacteria and other harmful microbes. If appropriate care is not taken by the person administering your drip, and the drip itself or your skin isn’t cleaned properly, you could end up with an infection. Even if everything is sterile, if the liquid itself isn’t vacuum sealed and air bubbles seep into an individual’s bloodstream via the IV line, it could potentially lead to a stroke.  And if the drip rate isn’t monitored and gets too high, the risk of fluid overload is high. Fluid overload can cause any number of problems, including damaging the kidneys and other organs.

How Health Spas manage these risks

All of those risks and others make it so that the person in charge of administering and monitoring a drip is highly critical to ensuring the entire process goes off without a hitch. This is why medical assistants and technicians are now seeing increased employment from health spas and wellness centers. The presence of a confident, qualified professional does a lot to inspire trust in their clients and helps them minimize the risks associated with procedures like drip therapy. So if you’re a medical professional who’s recently moved, or you’re just looking at the job market for fresh opportunities, visit your local health spa and find out if there are any shoes for you to fill. If you’d like to know more about prospects around you, contact the NAPTP now.

Opportunities Begin with Certification

People all over the world seek out Health Spas for a few key reasons with well-being  and relaxation at the top of the list. The physical and emotional effects of the pandemic  have hit hard bringing overall health to the forefront.  Seeking refuge at health spas demands an environment that is safe, sound and compliant. Certified medical assistants help bring Health Spas to this new level of demands.

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