Medical Assistants and IV Technician Certification Allows Them to Pivot into Other Careers

Health Spas have steadily appreciated in terms of popularity over the last few years. While the industry did receive a setback in the form of the recent pandemic, with life, as usual, resuming around the country, there’s no doubt that it’s on its way to recovery as well.

If you’re wondering what this has to do with medical assistants, you might just be surprised by what we have to tell you. Vitamin Drip Therapy is an IV treatment that sports all sorts of benefits, from anti-aging and skin health improvement to curing those post-weekend hangovers. While the positive and negative effects of the treatment itself have been debated heavily in medical circles and on celebrity talk shows, the jury’s still out on whether they’re concretely beneficial.

Medical Assistants and Lab Technicians are the prime candidates for administering drip therapy in health spas. If you’ve got a specialization as an IV Technician, then that qualifies you even further. So if you’re a medical assistant who’s looking to branch out or broaden your professional horizons, this might be just the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Of course, the opportunity we’re talking about comes in the form of an online IV Technician Certification program offered by Phlebotomy Career Training. The course goes into great detail regarding intravenous insertion and flushing and helps prepare you for any hazards while also discussing at length the practical and safety-related precautions you should take. The course is wholly online, so you can schedule in time as you can spare it. You have access to the course for six months, which gives you ample time to get done with the material.

The course also includes online practical sessions that are carried out under the supervision of an instructor. This gives candidates the to polish and perfect their technique on an intravenous mannequin arm, provided as part of the course.

And that’s not all. If a career in health and beauty applications doesn’t quite float your boat, you could still use the added knowledge to take on a more advanced career in assisting practitioners. Of special note are physician’s offices where drip therapy is provided.

Even for those who aren’t looking to branch out or change career paths, the IV Tech program is accredited through the National Telemetry Association (NTA) by CAPCE and allows them to earn continuing education credits that help update their credentials while they keep practicing. Since the course comes with an online option, professionals can adjust and learn flexibly as they get time.

If you’d like to know more about the IV Technician course and what it offers, get in touch with us here.

PCT Opens the Doors to Opportunity

A certified medical assistant has so much to offer and the interest in this field is growing at a rapid rate. So why not expand and capitalize on your certifications as a medical assistant? The more you know, the more you can help others and continue to make a difference in the world of health care.

Receive world-class certifications taught by experienced educators at Phlebotomy Career Training. Our programs are supported by numerous National Certifying Bodies throughout the United States.  With a 99% course completion rate, our students are the most sought after in the health care and medical industries. Our accredited programs include several tiers of phlebotomy certification, pharmacy technician, patient care, dialysis technician, electrocardiogram technician, medical billing and coding and so much more.!

As life happens and your priorities change, so may your career path. Seek out what interests you, because you can never have enough knowledge and experience backed by accredited courses that will take you down several different avenues in the medical health industry.

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