Phlebotomy Career Training Announces 13 Years of Educating Students in Health Care

Phlebotomy Career Training (PCT) is proud to celebrate 13 years in operation. PCT has been educating practicing and aspiring medical professionals since 2009, when the school was first founded in Garden City, Michigan.

What started as an on-the-ground medical training initiative has rapidly transitioned into a more holistic approach to modern education, relying on all available channels to deliver quality education at a student’s fingertips. At present, the school boasts dozens of programs, some of which are conventional in-class courses, while others are completely online.

To ensure consistent quality of education between its courses, the school has relied on innovative use of both the internet and modern medical training technology. The results have been promising; while many students still practice their blood draws in a clinical environment, a large number rely on the phlebotomy training arms while taking online classes and being supervised remotely.

Besides broadening the scope of what encompasses solid, results-oriented medical training, PCT has also expanded its catalog to include courses that deal with more than just phlebotomy and telemetry. Today, the school offers courses for Clinical Medical Assistants (CMAs), Lab Technicians, IV Technicians, EKG Technicians, as well as courses on administrative aspects of healthcare, like HIPAA and OSHA compliance and medical billing and coding.

The thought process behind the consistent addition of new courses and new teaching techniques has its roots in the same goal that PCT was founded to achieve: empowering adults to seek education and qualification on their own terms, according to their needs. Through the aforementioned online courseware, and fruitful, longstanding partnerships with healthcare providers, non-profits, and NGOs around the country, PCT has facilitated many adults in their pursuit of a medical career.

The results speak for themselves. With thousands of graduates now staffing hospitals and clinics around the country, the worth of a PCT certification speaks for itself. The school boasts a 95% employment rate amongst graduates, an exemplary statistic that goes to show just how much a certification can do for your career. In particular, the school has had success assisting nurses, technicians and other professionals acquire the skills they need to distinguish themselves within their fields and outside of them.

The school presently offers courses at every level, from those requiring no previous medical experience to others only offered to practice professionals. Certifications may be earned independently or as part of a larger course, which helps you brush up on multiple disciplines while also earning you multiple certifications. These certifications are backed by nationally accredited bodies like the NIVA, the NTA, and the NAPTP.

With 13 years’ worth of satisfied students behind it, one can only assume that the future bodes well for both PCT and the students who will use its services.

Medical Career Options for All

Whether you are already in the medical field or desire to pursue one, your options in health care classes are vast at Phlebotomy Career Training.  With courses offered both online and in person as well as several tiers of certification available in various fields, you are bound to find the level of education and training that works for you.

Medical assistants of all levels are always sought after and much needed. If you prefer something administrative in health care, medical billing and coding is a great choice. Dialysis technicians, accredited pharmacy technicians, telemetry certification and so much more.  Let’s not forget our shining star that serves as a stable foundation for all medical health positions, phlebotomists. Our phlebotomy classes offer many certifications that encompass different disciplines in the field ensuring capability to work in any part of the field with opportunity for advancement. Want to learn more? Call and speak to a program specialist today!

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