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Phlebotomy Training

The truth is, some students excel at subjects such as chemistry, biology, and mathematics therefore they find themselves eligible to study medicine, while some students find it a privilege and the ultimate career goal.  On the same note, the four most attractive aspects of medicine are:

Why do people study medicine?

  1. feeling of stability or indispensability:

Healthcare professionals are valued because they adapt to the rapid change of healthcare needs and they are able to resolve both medical and non-medical challenges they face on a daily basis at work.

  •  Ability to help people:

Helping can be done by listening to patient’s needs while putting into consideration their preferences and values, as well as letting them participate in all the decisions related to their health and giving constant support for patients and their loved ones.

  • Being respected in general:

People respect the effort and hard work; healthcare professionals put their own lives on hold in order to save millions of other lives while spending a lot of time and money on education and research to stay up to date on equipment, medications, and treatments.

  • Constant mental stimulation:

The human brain is the most important organ, which is why keeping it stimulated and challenged optimizes the brain’s function.  Working, Thinking, and constant research lower the risk of dementia and help keep the mind stimulated.

Learning how to practice medicine can differ from one person to the other; the reason is that humans are programmed to react and think differently. That is also the reason why medical graduates pursue different career paths depending on what aspects intrigue them or stimulate their passion. To choose a career path, medical graduates can apply for an internship, take tests, or do their research in order to explore their options and find their calling.

NAPTP’s mission is to certify phlebotomists and phlebotomy technicians by helping them gain the expertise needed to excel in their careers. The NAPTP accredited certificates are available for students worldwide and at the comfort of their own homes; once the exam is completed and passed with an 80% or higher the candidate certification will be available on the website for future employers to verify.

Benefits of accredited certifications in healthcare:

Certifications are vital for healthcare personnel and medical graduates for many reasons, some of these reasons are:

  1. Increases the chances of employability and career opportunities.
  2.  Preparation for more job responsibilities and hence increased payment.
  3. Validation of professional credibility.
  4. Recognition among peers.
  5. Refinement of skills and knowledge expanding.

With an accredited certificate from NAPTP students worldwide will be granted the chance to work in the USA or any country that accept US certifications. However, if you are a student and you have a medical background then you can use it to fulfill the requirements for the clinical portion of the course and challenge the exam directly.

 Do You Need Help?

NAPTP’s certification is recognized by ICE, NCCT, AMCA, and NHA. We have been helping aspiring students and healthcare professionals achieve their goals for decades. Register for our exams now and get a national certificate that allows you to explore new jobs and better academic opportunities.

More Opportunities at Phlebotomy Career Training

If you are ready to jump-start your career in medical health Phlebotomy Career Training is here to make it happen. Our phlebotomy certification classes are not only accredited but also highly sought after due to the level of instruction, small class sizes, course availability and job access. Our job board is filled with opportunities. And with a national certification from the NAPTP you can get a job anywhere.  

Offering more than phlebotomy, our medical health career programs include Cardio-Phlebotomy Technician, Pharmacy Technician, Electrocardiogram Technician, Dialysis Technician, 4 tiers of Medical Assistant options, Patient Care Technician, Medical Coding and Billing and more! Call and speak to a program specialist about an array of options for a career in medical health. Enjoy your career with job security and continuing education at Phlebotomy Career Training!

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