NAPTP: How National Certification Can Benefit You

Gaining knowledge and learning new skills is a continuous process, accomplished by various methods such as reading, researching, and most importantly taking new courses that help in expanding our knowledge. However, an accredited certificate not only expands our knowledge but can become a great advantage, especially in today’s highly competitive market. Individuals with National certificates stand out as people that seek professionalism and show commitment to being recognized by their peers, and persistence in keeping up with new trends in the field.

The NAPTP (National Association of Phlebotomy Technician professionals) offers you the opportunity to become a certified phlebotomist/phlebotomy technician.  How you can register, prepare for the exam, maintain your NAPTP certification, and why the NAPTP is ideal for accredited national certifications will be discussed in this article.

Applicants must be phlebotomy program graduates and must perform a minimal number of live blood draws to register for the exam on the NAPTP website. You will have to fill in all your personal information and mention any previous experience in the healthcare sector when you register for the exam. However, the registration options are not limited to just taking the exam because the additional help tools such as a review course or a PDF study guide offer further assistance in preparation and passing of the exam.

Once you pass the exam and become a certified phlebotomist/phlebotomy technician you can pursue your career anywhere that US certifications are accepted. Moreover, you will be able to earn more certifications, such as immunization certification and instructor certification. All these certifications will lead to an increase in your salary and forming a professional credibility.

NAPTP is the ideal route for obtaining accredited national certification, particularly since the NAPTP certification is recognized by the PCT, NTA, and ICE and is accepted by the hospitals and healthcare organizations. The NAPTP is also eligible to grant 15.5 CEU’s for each candidate that is accredited by CAPCE.

Get in touch with the NAPTP today and find out how you can benefit from an accredited national certification.

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