Benefits of Becoming a Member of the National Telemetry Association [NTA]

Telemetry has been a critical part of healthcare around the world. Introduced in the 1960s, it has helped doctors and nurses in continuous cardiac monitoring [CCM]. Since then, the monitoring technique is also being used for non-critical patients. The expansion of its scope has called for more healthcare heroes to join the force and pass the certification courses. National Telemetry Association, alias NTA, has been helping students, doctors, and nurses achieve optimal results for their certification exams.

What is NTA?

National Telemetry Association [NTA] is CAPCE certified and a member of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence. We know the importance of cardiac rhythm monitoring in acutely or critically ill patients and its impact on their healthcare.

Our organization has been striving to provide medical professionals, students, and future telemetry technicians with the standard of education and training that will enable them to provide the best treatments in healthcare. Whether it’s the ICU, CCU, or the Step Down Units, our members are equipped with the training necessary in their field.

Member Benefits: Why Choose National Telemetry Association?

You can enjoy the following member benefits as a part of our growing team:

1.      Lessons from Pulmonology Experts

Currently, we’re providing our members with the latest updates and news with our monthly newsletters. In addition to this, you can also avail of the newly written articles and blogs on topics such as electrocardiogram and Telemetry.

Dr. Shelken Badivuku, who is a medical instructor, lecturer, and doctor of pulmonology, will also share his exclusive insights. You will have access to the latest updates by him each time you log into your personal account, including 20 questions and rationale written by Dr. Shelken Badivuku.

2.      Re-Certification Support

Members and telemetry technicians are required to renew their certification every two years. You can stay updated on all the latest training processes and advancements with the mini-courses provided by NTA. Our membership programs also include comprehensive studies and interactive practice exams.

In addition to this, you will also get an added attempt to pass the certification exam with the required 85% or higher marks.

3.      Unmatched Discounts

Enjoy a generous discount of 20% on your bi-yearly membership renewal. The member benefits also include a 20% discount on all merchandise by the National Telemetry Association, such as the hard copy of a study guide and the telemetry calipers.

Join Our Growing Team Now!

Whether you’re an aspiring telemetry technician or a medical pro, you can enjoy NTA’s member benefits today and get access to one of the best pulmonology tips and guides. Do you have more questions? Contact National Telemetry Association and learn more about our membership programs.

Career in Medical Health Options

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There are many courses in medical health offered at Phlebotomy Career Training including phlebotomy technician, medical assistant, patient care technician, cardio-phlebotomy, pharmacy technician, medical billing and many more! Students from across the Nation have graduated from Phlebotomy Career Training and have begun their careers with success. With classes offered online, and in-person as well as partnerships and support from many national certifying bodies, your options are grand, and your career will last.

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