Phlebotomy Career Training Partners with Castle Branch

Press Release: Phlebotomy Career Training Partners with Castle Branch

Phlebotomy Career Training has announced on Wednesday that they have officially partnered with Castle Branch.  Mr. N’gganou head of marketing and development stated: “This is a giant step forward in helping our online and in person students secure their sensitive documents all in one place.”  Castle Branch is used by all major nursing schools and medical schools throughout the United States.

Benefits of Partnering with Castle Branch

 The partnering of Phlebotomy Career Training and Castle Branch effectively puts the school on the map with other schools such as Michigan State University and Walden University to name a few.  Nancy Kimmel, Director of Admissions stated:

“We require all of our students who are planning on doing their clinical externships through us to provide the school an exhaustive list of documents.  Some of these documents include their social security card, drivers’ licenses, health insurance cards and medical records such as drug screen results, TB skin tests and immunization titers.  No one feels comfortable sending these important and private documents through the United States mail.  We must also dedicate a special area for the students documents that is secure and locked, not to mention having one individual who must process them all.  With Castle Branch on board, students are now able to upload all their documents to a secure repository for a minimal fee.  The other great thing is that Castle Branch manages the student’s information and reaches out to them if they are missing any important documents.”


According to the Castle Branch website, the main purpose is to process background checks, drug screens and sensitive information which is required by colleges, universities, and nursing schools nationwide.  They are accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association which is considered the, “Gold Standard” for background screening.  Castle Branch is recognized as a consumer Reporting Agency. 

Clinical Pipeline for Externships

According to Phlebotomy Career Training administrators, their affiliation with Castle Branch fills the gaps between clinical rotations and the instructors.  They stated that their overall purpose is to help gain visibility into their students attending clinical rotations and uncover those students who will make great employees.

From the information that has been gathered, Castle Branch will help with centralized reporting of student’s attendance at their clinical sites, enable instructors to track students progress and verify that students have submitted all their necessary documents to begin their clinical rotations.

Helping Students is the Key to Their Success

Nancy Kimmel states: “Castle Branch is our externship pipeline.  The task of managing students from across the United States is an almost impossible feat for the staff here at the school.  Most hospitals have stated that before they will accept on of our students, they must be first registered in the Castle Branch system.  This system allows students to also track their own progress.  Clinical staff can make notes in their progress which is then forwarded to our online instructors.  We want all of our students to know that clinicals is a necessary component of their studies and that they must take it very seriously.”

It appears that the partnership with Castle Branch is a step in the right direction for Phlebotomy Career Training.  Phlebotomy Career Training has been in operation since 2009 and serves both in person and online students.  The programs that Phlebotomy Career Training offers include Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy Technician, Dialysis Technician, Electrocardiogram Technician and many more. Click here to learn more about programs and accreditation.

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