Phlebotomy Covid 19 Process

Phlebotomy Covid 19 Process

The world of Phlebotomy is always changing for the better, especially now with the presence of COVID-19.  We found this Phlebotomy Webinar from the MAYO Clinic on the blood collection process helpful, informative, and essential to Phlebotomists everywhere. Click here for the full video.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

Describe changes to blood draw processes to minimize the need to enter COVID-19 rooms.

Discuss staff trainings in modified droplet protections, fit testing, and proper use of N95/PAPR and face shields.

Review the unique needs of the different service areas to address the PPE preservation and collection process.

Identify the adaptations that need to be integrated into the blood collection process to facilitate collaboration between nursing and phlebotomy staff.

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