Medical Assistant Duties During Covid-19

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Now more than ever, healthcare institutions are relying on certified medical assistants. Certified medical assistants are serving as the backbone of medical facilities all over the world, proving to be an invaluable asset during the COVID-19 crisis.

The training and knowledge that certified medical assistants possess make them elite medical professionals in high demand, especially during these times of the pandemic COVID-19. Certified medical assistants assist medical personnel to ensure patients are receiving the adequate care they deserve.

How Medical Assistants Manage Covid Patients

Certified medical assistant duties in this hectic time of the COVID-19 pandemic can be described many ways. Medical assistant careers have many dimensions and continue to expand every year. A good question is: What are some of the potential roles of a medical assistant?

• Patient educator
• Compassionate communicator
• Health coaching
• Attentive counselor helping patients through turbulent emotional moments by showing empathy and understanding
• Skilled in routine and advanced procedures
• Administrator who can maneuver between departments ,individuals and institutions.
• Right hand of doctors
• Multi-Skilled

Growth Potential for Medical Assistants

Healthcare has always been a stable and rapidly growing field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that healthcare will add about 4 million jobs by 2026, approximately one-third of all jobs in the United States. The need for medical assistants is expected to increase 29 percent. This is an amazing job outlook. Looking forward, these incredible predictions may even seem conservative as jobs in the healthcare sector are looking for more compassionate caregivers to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Medical Assistant Employment

Medical assistants are urgently needed now and will be needed in our post-COVID world. Medical assistants will continue to be vital to the healthcare industry.

Studying to become a medical assistant is a fast route to a career in the stable and ever-expanding healthcare sector. As medical assistants have the capability to be some of the most adaptable medical professionals – with the ability to work in a variety of places in the healthcare industry – receiving certification could be just the beginning of a career that could go in a plethora of directions.

Comprehensive Online Medical Assistant Program

Healthcare is a rapidly changing field. Phlebotomy Career Training provides up-to-date training with our certified online medical assistant program.

Our instructors are knowledgeable teachers who use their experience to guide students through the many challenges they will face in the medical field, using skills that can only be tough by experienced professionals. Some of the benefits of training with our Medical Assistant program at phlebotomy career Training are:

• Self-Paced class schedules (you set your own hours)
• Fast-track learning (under 6 months, with payment plans available)
• Online Learning
• Access to convenient lessons and videos anytime
• Includes National Testing Fee

The First Step Toward a Rewarding Career

Enrolling in our Medical Assistant Course at Phlebotomy Career Training is easy, convenient and provides students with the ability to study from the comfort of their own home at their own hours. With 10+ years educating online, Phlebotomy Career Training’s Online Medical Assistant Course is designed to facilitate ease of learning and a progressive path towards achieving your ambitions: a lifesaving career.

Other online medical health careers offered include: Phlebotomy Technician, Pharmacy Technician, Medical Billing and Coding, Electrocardiogram Technician, Dialysis Technician and more! Options and flexibility in careers such as becoming a phlebotomy technician provide opportunity and success in a long-lasting career in medical health.

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