Why Become a Pharmacy Technician?

Why Become a Pharmacy Technician?

In order to answer such a question, a student needs to know what the role of a Pharmacy Technician is, where they work and what certificates are needed to become a Pharmacy Technician.
Notably, Pharmacy Technicians are senior members of the pharmacy team whose role in the past was limited to manage and prepare the supply of medicines, get rid of the expired ones and give advice to patients and customers. However, with the massive scientific progress in the healthcare sector, their job has included several substantial tasks in the respectable places Pharmacy Technicians work at.
Where Do Pharmacy Technicians Work?
Pharmacy technicians work as part of healthcare teams in hospitals, primary care (including GP surgeries) and community pharmacies. Some work in retail pharmacies, in care homes or for other employers that provide national health services.
They can also be found working in health and justice services, the armed forces and industry.

In a hospital nowadays, Pharmacy Technicians can manage the pharmacy department. Also, they are involved in taking medical histories from patients, reviewing medicines, counselling and giving advice on different treatment options. Also, they compound and fill IV orders in the fast-paced IV Room, as well.

Moreover, Pharmacy technicians may prepare TPNs, narcotic drips, and many STAT medications continuously. They have to be able to think quickly, identify and select proper medications and figure dosing strengths – all while ensuring that their sterile technique is perfect.
Pharmacy Technicians provide a link between wards – patients – pharmacy or pharmacy – medicine manufactures, too.
In addition to that, at local pharmacies, Pharmacy Technicians give advice to patients on different topics such as quit smoking, and they provide different treatment options for patients in a specialized field such as mental health or skin and hair care routines.
The job of a Pharmacy Technician includes:
– taking in and handing out prescriptions
– dispensing prescriptions
– filling IV orders
– using computer systems to generate stock lists and labels
– ordering items
– receiving, loading, unloading deliveries
– delivering medicines to other parts of a hospital or health center
– selling over-the-counter medicines
– answering customers questions face to face or by phone
– pre-packing, assembling and labeling medicines
– preparing medicines
Moreover, Pharmacists and Technicians have always played a major role when pandemics hit the world. Recently, PharmacyTimes.com has held a recent interview with Jeremy Sasser, CPhT, pharmacy content strategist for the National Healthcareer Association. In their interview, they discussed several topics related to COVID-19; one question was about the invaluable things technicians are doing during the pandemic outbreak, and why they are so important in the pharmacy, and here is briefly Mr. Sasser’s answer:
‘ I actually think that this COVID-19 pandemic is going to kind of accelerate the expansion of the practical scope for Pharmacy Technicians because, as pharmacists are taking on more roles as clinicians and providing direct patient care services, technicians have to be able to do all of the work that pharmacies traditionally have done in addition to do new roles like technician product verification and taking new prescriptions over the phone and transferring prescriptions.
Not to mention some of the things that may come about this pandemic possibly: point-of-care testing and immunizing. Therefore, Pharmacies really need to have good technician staff, and to support those pharmacists so that they can provide those services. Also, Pharmacists are likely going to evolve into assisting or even performing point of care testing alongside pharmacists, too, and when a vaccine is available, pharmacies are going to be the most easily accessible healthcare provider to get those vaccines.’

How to Get a Pharmacy Technician License?
Phlebotomy Career Training (PCT) is a licensed proprietary postsecondary school in the state of Michigan; it serves many other states as it has several partnerships with accredited testing authorities. PCT provides an Online Pharmacy Technician Program that has unlimited access to its content which includes: practice exams, videos, power points and much more.
Upon the course completion, students are required to register for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB), and the exam is included for the online course students, whether they are in Michigan or another state.
PTCB can be taken anywhere in the US through a national proctoring organization. Nevertheless, PCT offers its students a paid exam so they do not need to worry about its expenses.
The final exam for the online course is proctored. Students have two attempts at no charge and must pass with a minimum of 75% or higher to achieve their certification.

A Pharmacy Technician job is not an easy thing to do at all; it requires attention to details and a solid stamina as it is a challenging role at a rapidly improving environment. However, Pharmacy Technicians have a prime role in medical battle fields; they deal with pandemics in a hand, and they provide relief to humans in the other one.

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Why Become a Pharmacy Technician?

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