Join the Fight Against Covid-19

Join the Fight Against Covid-19

The sudden need for healthcare professionals after the novel coronavirus that is COVID-19 broke out here in the Unites States of America is astounding. Everywhere you look there are more and more hospitals and clinics looking for healthcare workers to help with the ongoing pandemic. Most states have shut down their businesses and mandated their stay at home orders in order to protect their citizens and reduce the amount of infected people. It is no secret that our system is currently overwhelmed and in desperate need of help.

How can you help?
Well, there has been an increase in healthcare jobs as essential workers have been coming down with COVID-19 and unable to work. Currently, in Michigan alone there are over 600 healthcare positions spread across the state. It seems that the fight against COVID-19 is getting harder every day. Fortunately, there is a way for you to help the fight and save lives.
Here at Phlebotomy Career Training, we offer quick, short and informational classes that train these medical professionals every day. Our online classes are affordable and straight-forward so you know what you are learning from every angle. Our certifications are available to be taken and used all over the United States of America. The courses online even come with a National Exam that you are able to complete to become nationally certified the specialized medical profession that you choose!

What we offer
We offer a majority of medical professions from Phlebotomists to Medical Assistants and everywhere in between.
As a Medical Assistant, you will be on the front lines helping people get into their rooms fast by charting their symptoms and taking their vitals after checking them in. You will be the doctor’s right-hand wo/man in any clinical setting.
As a Phlebotomy Technician, you will collect and process blood specimens to help process lab orders quickly. You will learn the technique and in what order to draw. This is a great way to help busy labs or hospitals that need to collect blood orders from their patients.
As a Patient Care Technician, you will care for patients in their rooms in the hospital and aid the nurses in making the patient more comfortable during their stay. You will learn about the human body and different symptoms. You will be an ideal professional for a hospital setting!
As a Clinical Lab Assistant, you will process specimens to find results. This will help doctors properly diagnose their patients so that they may be distributed the correct medications and fluids. You can work in any lab setting from a clinic, lab, urgent care, or hospital.
There are many more professions that we offer here at Phlebotomy Career Training. Anything you choose will benefit you and make you employable for the rest of your life! The medical field has always been a prosperous and rewarding field of work. On average, our students make anywhere between 30k – 45k a year. This depends on the amount of experience and certifications they have under their belt!

So what?
Our online courses can be done from the comfort of your home and with 24/7 access you will be able to study into the night. Our courses fit any busy lifestyle. Super-fast and easy!
If you are looking to have a rewarding career in the medical field and to join the fight against COVID-19, look no further. You will learn what you need to know for any medical profession that you choose. We here at Phlebotomy Career Training have been training compassionate medical professionals since 2009 and we are still going!

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Join the Fight Against Covid-19

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