Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Approved Training

Phlebotomy Career Training’s Pharmacy Technician Program is now an approved training program for the PTCB Pharmacy Technician Board.

Welcome PTCB-Recognized Education/Training Program!

We are pleased to let you know that Phlebotomy Career Training is a PTCB-Recognized Education/Training program. Being recognized by PTCB allows your students to meet eligibility requirements. You’ve now joined hundreds of organizations committed to developing a qualified pharmacy technician workforce.

As a PTCB-Recognized Education/Training Program, those who have completed your program will be eligible to apply for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE). You will also receive a variety of complimentary benefits. In addition to the benefits described below, you will receive an e-newsletter keeping you up to date on the latest PTCB news including important updates.

PTCB-Recognized Education/Training Program Directory
PTCB requires applicants for PTCB Credentials, including CPhT, CSPT, and specified Assessment-Based Certificate Programs, to complete a PTCB-Recognized Education/Training Program for their chosen credential, except when they select another pathway to eligibility. Education/training programs that are ASHP/ACPE and/or ABHES-accredited, and other programs that submit an attestation form for PTCB recognition, are accepted as PTCB-recognized for the CPhT Program.

Are you seeking recognition for an education/training program?

Program directors of non-accredited education/training programs may apply online for their program to become PTCB-recognized. Learn more about becoming a PTCB-Recognized Education/Training Program.

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Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Approved Training

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