Fast Track Your Phlebotomy Certification Online

Wouldn’t it be great to have a new career in only 6 weeks?

           At Phlebotomy Career Training you can achieve your goal.  You can Fast track your phlebotomy certification online.  Our online classes can be done in as little as six weeks.  We have great instructors and you will have 24/7 online access to classroom lectures, tutorials and practice quizzes.  You will love the self paced instruction which will allow you to breeze through the program as fast as you like.

You can get your certification and begin working!

If getting a higher paying job is your short term goal then Phlebotomy Career Training is the school for you!  You probably don’t have a lot of time to spare if you are a working parent or if you are going to school.  This means that you want to invest quality time studying, when you want, how you want and at anytime you want.  Not only that, but you want to work right away when you are done with your classes.

Ready to Jump into a new job!

When you get done with class you want to be able to have many job opportunities.  At Phlebotomy Career Training you will have access to your own personal job assistant.  Phlebotomy Career Training’s job board is made exclusively for our students and contains jobs tailored just for you.  Regardless of where you live in the United States, our job board contains recruitment executives who are looking specifically for You!  You will have access to job interview tutorials, resume templates and phone numbers to recruiters.  Yes, they are waiting for your call.

Can I get nationally certified?

The answer is Yes!  The national exam through the NAPTP (National Association of Phlebotomy Technician Professionals) is included in your course.

The good news is that your national phlebotomy certification includes 16 continuing education hours.  Your CEU’s will help you in applying to many of the higher education medical programs. :This will look amazing on your resume.

This means that you can get an extra level of certification.  Use your certification to show off on your resume to prospective employers. As a result you can nail that job interview that you have been waiting on.

Can I really become a Phlebotomist?

You absolutely can become a phlebotomist.  If learning how to draw blood is what you want to do, then Phlebotomy Career Training can help fast track you into the field.  The great part about online learning is also the option for virtual clinicals.  You will be sent a phlebotomy training arm and supplies that will let you practice and video record your blood draws.  Once you have done this, your teacher will critique your technique and let you know if you are on the right track.  Many colleges and universities are using the virtual clinical simulations with their students due to so many facilities closing because of Covid.

Did you know that doctors also practice suturing on practice arms as well?  What makes phlebotomy simulation any different?

Call 734-762-3220 today to talk to one of our counselors.

Use Your Military Experience to Obtain Your NTA Certification

Now that you’ve retired and want to pursue a career in Telemetry, you’ve got an excellent opportunity! Serving in the military is an honor. It becomes even more strategic when you work for the telemetry unit or gain sufficient telemetry experience during your military times.

You can use your telemetry experience to enroll in a review course or directly take the National Telemetry Exam from NTA. Utilizing your knowledge to get your NTA Certification can help open doors of opportunities for you in the Telemetry sector.

As demand for telemetry experts continues to rise, this is your opportunity to strengthen your resume and impress your workplace with your credible NTA experience. NTA offers several Telemetry and EKG courses, including a range of video-based recorded lectures and extensive study guides to keep you up-to-date with the latest practices in the telemetry field. Considering you already have significant experience from your military times, you wouldn’t find it hard to study and appear for the National Exam either!

National Telemetry Certification + Review Course

The National Telemetry Certification with Review Course is ideal if you have previous or current healthcare working experience. The course guides you for the National Exam. The review course also offers practice tests with unlimited attempts to prepare better.

National EKG Certification + Review Course

The National EKG Certification with Review Course doesn’t require any previous work experience in healthcare. So, if you think your military experience in the Telemetry unit isn’t enough for passing the National Exam, you can always enroll in this course. The course will assist you in gaining your NTA EKG Patch and then developing your Telemetry experience further.

National Telemetry Certification Exam Only

If you think you can make the best use of your military experience in Telemetry, you can straightaway opt for the National Telemetry Certification Exam Only course. It allows you one attempt for the National Telemetry Exam. So, it’s better to go for this option only if you have strong telemetry experience from your military times and are confident about your skills and expertise in Telemetry. You can revise and go through the concepts of Telemetry by buying our NTA comprehensive study package. That does wonders to refresh your telemetry knowledge and boosts the chances of passing your telemetry exam in one go.

Register For The Review Course Or Challenge The Exam Today!

NTA has been rising in its fame due to its high credibility and the course outline to help you offer optimal patient care. That’s why having an NTA Certification can make you an asset for the hospital or clinic you work at.

If you register for the online review course, you can complete it when you see fit because your registration doesn’t have any deadline either. You can visit our website for further information on Telemetry and NTA experience. If you have any questions or concerns about the Telemetry exam, you can send them in using our online form or calling 888-461-3029.

Add NTA experience to your resume and find jobs across the globe!

Certifications that Offer More than Telemetry Career Options

If you are looking to expand your career in health care and become an asset to the industry, Phlebotomy Career Training provides those opportunities. Phlebotomy certification offers several tiers or levels of certification and can be paired with telemetry, IV certification, cardio EKG certification, medical assistant certification, and so much more!

All courses are Nationally Accredited, available both online and in class and are taught by experienced educators working in the field. You will gain expertise, knowledge and invaluable skill sets through the courses offered at PCT. With a commitment to patient safety as top priority, our students graduate ready to embark on their medical health careers as an asset and are the most sought after in the industry.

The choices are vast in medical health so let Phlebotomy Career Training help you embark on the opportunities you are looking for. Get a career that will always be in demand and call PCT to speak with a program specialist today!

Why Hospitals are Choosing the NTA Certification Over Others?

If you want to perform as a skilled medical worker, NTA certification is your way to be acknowledged by reputable hospitals in the United States. NTA certification and CEUs are crucial value and knowledge additions for your field. As an individual enrolled in the Telemetry Interpretation course, you get an edge over other medical professionals.

What Sets NTA Apart?

The reason for the rising reliance on the NTA Certification is that you learn more. The NTA course makes you study and practice a range of theories. After clearing the NTA exam, the skills you develop help you interpret your patient’s charts and offer exceptional patient care.

The primary goal of any hospital is to increase their satisfied patients who trust their staff. By clearing the Telemetry final exam, you become an asset for any hospital you work in. The Telemetry Course by NTA is beneficial for registered and practicing nurses and medical students, clinics, and other medical professionals like Paramedics and EMTs.

Telemetry Interpretation allows you to determine health vitals, including heart rate and blood pressure using special telemetry equipment. It also enables you to assess the data for critical ICU patients. That helps to increase your chances of receiving higher salaries due to your high competencies.   

In addition, NTA is a member of the Institute For Credentialing Excelling, and hence, its training ranks high compared to other courses. Plus, the Telemetry Certification is conducted by well-experienced mentors who teach you all the Telemetry updates you must know to stay ahead of your competitors. The study guides and lectures prioritize the development of critical thinking in the enrolled students. This helps to prepare them for dealing with crucial and emergencies effectively.

Enroll Today!

NTA Certification has a significant value as a part of your resume. If you wish to excel in your career and make a name in the healthcare industry, it’s best to register for the certification through the National Telemetry Association today.

Clearing the exam opens several doors of massive opportunities for EMTs, Medical Assistants, Nurses, Telemetry technicians, Paramedics, and Physicians. NTA offers an Online Telemetry program to help you learn and be up-to-date with the medical practices while still managing your work life.

The online flexibility allows you to complete the course at your own pace because there is no expiration date after you enroll. NTA also offers an extensive course guide with all the study guides you need for the NTA exam. If you can’t clear in the first attempt, the Telemetry course also allows you a second chance for the national exam.

Upon clearing the National exam, you receive the NTA certification with the CEU’s that you need to progress as nurses, students, Telemetry technicians, and other medical professionals.

For further information, please visit our website. You can register for the Telemetry Certification here and start preparing for the National Exam here.  You can also reach out to our representatives at NTA by calling at 888-461-3029 or submitting your queries on the online form available on your website. Our representatives will get back to you at the earliest time possible.

Expand Your Horizons with a Career in Medical Health

There are many reasons why hospitals and health care institutions are constantly looking for skilled and certified technicians in virtually every area of health care. It’s because there is a tremendous need and it begins with finding a place that offers both the education and certification required. You can find it at Phlebotomy Career Training.

Gain expertise, knowledge and invaluable skillsets with courses in medical health such as telemetry at Phlebotomy Career Training. Certifications through the PCT provide ample verification that students meet and exceeded national standards. This is because our classes are small, our educators are experienced, and our commitment to patient safety is a top priority.  Your career in medical health is supported by national organizations providing opportunities and securing careers to graduating students.

Our courses include phlebotomy, cardio-phlebotomy, dialysis technician, medical assistant, patient care technician, medical billing and coding, pharmacy technician and so much more, including several tiers and various certifications within.  If you are considering a medical health career, Phlebotomy Career Training is the place. Questions or want to learn more? Call and speak to a program specialist today!

Health Spas Provide Opportunities for Certified Medical Assistants and Technicians

Health Spas, Vitamin Drip Therapy, and Medical Assistants | An unlikely combo that might just last

Health Spas as a destination have steadily risen in popularity over the last decade. While the industry did take a bit of a hit with the recent pandemic, with people on their way back to offices and hangout spots around the country, there’s no doubt that it’s on its way to recovery as well. “But what does this have to do with medical assistants?” you might ask.

Well, you may have heard of Vitamin Drip Therapy, which is an IV treatment that purportedly cures all manner of things, from actual vitamin deficiency to signs of aging, to hangovers. While the positive and negative effects of the treatment itself have been debated heavily in medical circles and on celebrity talk shows, the jury’s still out on whether they’re concretely beneficial.

What is Vitamin Drip Therapy?

A lack of certain minerals and vitamins is to be expected for people with conditions that impede their appetite or conditions that affect the nutrient absorption rate. Since their system can’t process their food to extract the necessary nutrients, or there isn’t enough food to go around, to begin with, these imbalances are routine. Vitamin therapy allows a doctor or practitioner to prepare a saline mix of the vitamins and minerals and introduce this mixture directly into the bloodstream, which can be absorbed in a greater rate.

The risks

As with any form of treatment, Vitamin Drip Therapy comes with certain risks. These risks need to be assessed and mitigated by the efforts of both you and your practitioner. Your skin is your first layer of protection against bacteria and other harmful microbes. If appropriate care is not taken by the person administering your drip, and the drip itself or your skin isn’t cleaned properly, you could end up with an infection. Even if everything is sterile, if the liquid itself isn’t vacuum sealed and air bubbles seep into an individual’s bloodstream via the IV line, it could potentially lead to a stroke.  And if the drip rate isn’t monitored and gets too high, the risk of fluid overload is high. Fluid overload can cause any number of problems, including damaging the kidneys and other organs.

How Health Spas manage these risks

All of those risks and others make it so that the person in charge of administering and monitoring a drip is highly critical to ensuring the entire process goes off without a hitch. This is why medical assistants and technicians are now seeing increased employment from health spas and wellness centers. The presence of a confident, qualified professional does a lot to inspire trust in their clients and helps them minimize the risks associated with procedures like drip therapy. So if you’re a medical professional who’s recently moved, or you’re just looking at the job market for fresh opportunities, visit your local health spa and find out if there are any shoes for you to fill. If you’d like to know more about prospects around you, contact the NAPTP now.

Opportunities Begin with Certification

People all over the world seek out Health Spas for a few key reasons with well-being  and relaxation at the top of the list. The physical and emotional effects of the pandemic  have hit hard bringing overall health to the forefront.  Seeking refuge at health spas demands an environment that is safe, sound and compliant. Certified medical assistants help bring Health Spas to this new level of demands.

Phlebotomy Career Training has the accreditation and reputation you need to start a career in medical health as well as expand your career in the world health care. With classes offer both online, in-class and led by certified instructors with years of experience in health care, there is no reason to go anywhere else.

Phlebotomy certification is just one on many nationally accredited programs that PCT offers. Several tiers of medical assistant certification, pharmacy technician certification, EKG certification, patient care and so much more. If you are looking for something administrative you may want to explore our program on medical billing and coding.  All of which are nationally accredited, opening the doors to jobs across the nation and even around the world. Call and speak to a program specialist today!

Visit the naptp for more information on guidelines and procedures in phlebotomy certification.

Do I Need to Renew My National Phlebotomy Certification?

Did you know that your Phlebotomy Certification actually expires over time and needs to be renewed in other scenarios as well? Find out more about when you need to renew your national Phlebotomy Certification below.

There are many providers of national Phlebotomy Certifications, and the validity and veracity of certifications can change over time or due to a number of other factors. This article will tell you about the situations in which you need to renew your Phlebotomy Certification and how you can go about doing so.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into what you need to know.

If you’ve recently moved states

If you are a practicing phlebotomist in, for example, Minnesota, and you decided to move to a different state, for example, California, you might be surprised to learn you aren’t authorized to practice in your new state.

While most states do not have formal requirements that phlebotomists need to meet, there are exceptions to this rule. If you were to move to Washington State, Nevada, Louisiana, or California, you would have to get recertified, regardless of which state you’re moving from (even if it’s one of the others on that list.

You see, all of the above states have their own specific authorities governing Phlebotomy Certification regulations, as well as other public health concerns, so you’d have to meet those regulations to practice in their jurisdiction. Each of these states will grant you a state-specific license to practice upon your documents’ successful submission and verification. California’s rules are particularly stringent; their system dictates three different levels of Phlebotomy Certifications, with professionals at each level only being allowed to perform procedures as mandated by their training. Individuals in California may only complete their coursework at one of the state-approved schools

Even if you’re not moving to one of the aforementioned states, you may still have to renew your certification depending on where you’re moving from and where you’re headed to. In many cases, you will only have to resubmit the paperwork and certification you’ve already earned, along with a small fee. In other cases, you may have to sit through additional coursework.

If you haven’t been practicing for a while

You may be surprised to learn that your Phlebotomy Certification does expire over time, and you need to remain vigilant ahead of the expiry date in order to continue practicing without interruption. Exact validity periods vary between exam providers, but they’ll all require you to complete a certain number of continuing education credits along with an annual or bi-annual fee. Certain providers may allow you to renew without having to complete the coursework; in these cases, you’ll have to clear the exam you initially cleared to get certified.

Re-certifying helps you remain abreast of recent developments within the field of phlebotomy while also letting prospective employers know that you’ve been keeping up-to-date with them. It’s a great way to ensure you never lose your competitive edge as a practitioner and allows you to provide cutting-edge care consistently in a clinical environment. If you’d like to know more about Phlebotomy Certification renewal, how to go about it, and how it can help you, contact us here.

How to Stay Current in Phlebotomy Certification

The healthcare industry is constantly changing, so staying up to date with your certification is not only important, but required. Since phlebotomists play a key roll in collaborating with medical staff and technicians across the board, having the latest knowledge and training will keep patient care optimal. Phlebotomy Career Training has the reputation and national recognition desired for a successful career in medical health. All programs are accredited through national organizations ensuring job opportunities in virtually all areas of healthcare. With several tiers of certification available, this means you can establish the career path that you want.

For example, you can expand your phlebotomy certification by adding EKG certification, IV certification, or medical assistant certification to name a few. Other classes offered are pharmacy technician, medical billing and coding, dialysis technician, several levels of medical assistant certification and so much more.

Medical health careers benefit patients around the world and provide fulfilling careers that can last a lifetime. Learn more about our classes and certifications by calling PCT and speaking with a program specialist!

Global Recognition of NTA Certification to Help You Work Anywhere in the World!

NTA certification continues to experience a boost in its fame worldwide. You can expect the job market for Telemetry to grow even more due to the ever-expanding medical industry.

Telemetry employment is now considered an even more essential career every passing day and in every country. NTA National Exam and Certifications for Telemetry and EKG are now accepted and acknowledged globally.

NTA Certification Increases Work Mobility As A Telemetry Technician!

Are you’re a Telemetry Technician in the United States and wish to transfer to Dubai or the UK? You can now easily take advantage of your NTA Certification to make a name for yourself. The NTA Certification helps you read the vital charts of your patients and identify possible distress in them.

The online Telemetry course also helps you assess the condition of your critical patients in ICU or recently out of ICU. That’s why a specialization as Telemetry Technician is now considered a valuable aspect in the healthcare sector.

The teachings and the credibility of NTA and its EKG and Telemetry courses make you a potential candidate for any medical workplace you apply for. The knowledge from NTA Certification further enables you to handle emergency and critical situations better and contribute to gaining the satisfaction and trust of your patients. That’s the reason why your NTA Certification can boost your resume’s value and assist you in getting higher salaries with more job responsibilities.

Our affiliation and accreditation with the Institute For Credentialing Excellent and CAPCE further make the NTA Certification reputable across the world. Refine your skills as a Telemetry Technician and work anywhere in the world you want. The Telemetry and EKG Exams by NTA open doors for your professional development!

Get Your NTA Certification Right Away!

As NTA certification continues to rise in its global acknowledgment, you have even higher chances to pursue and grow your career as a telemetry technician. You can continue offering better aftercare to the patients and become an asset for the hospital or clinic you work for.

NTA creates ease and flexibility for its enrolled students. Regardless of if you’re a nurse, medical student, medical professional, or telemetry technician, you can now register for online Telemetry and EKG courses. You can also complete these courses at your preferred speed because there is no deadline for your registration!

You receive comprehensive study guides and multiple lecture videos to learn and appear for the National Exam. NTA even allows two attempts if you’re unable to pass the first one. Add your NTA Telemetry Patch on your resume and set out to discover the expanding global market of job opportunities.

You can start your Telemetry journey by preparing for the exam right away. You can enroll for the National Telemetry Exam by visiting our website or calling 888-461-3029. You can also send your concerns and questions through our online contact form. Our representatives will get back to you by the earliest time possible.

Other Resources for Choosing a Career in Medical Health

Gain expertise, knowledge and invaluable skillsets with courses in medical health such as telemetry at Phlebotomy Career Training. Certifications through the PCT provide ample verification that students meet and exceeded national standards. This is because our classes are small, our educators are experienced, and our commitment to patient safety is a top priority.  Your career in medical health is supported by national organizations providing opportunities and securing careers to graduating students.

Our courses include phlebotomy, cardio-phlebotomy, dialysis technician, medical assistant, patient care technician, medical billing and coding, pharmacy technician and so much more, including several tiers and various certifications within.  If you are considering a medical health career, Phlebotomy Career Training is the place. Questions or want to learn more? Call and speak to a program specialist today!

How Many Levels Are There for a Phlebotomy Certification?

If you’re curious about how many levels there are to a Phlebotomy Certification, we’ve got just the information you need. In this article, we’ll take a brief look at the different levels, what qualification each level requires, and what qualification at each level entails in terms of practice.

The Three Levels of Phlebotomy Certification

Every state has it’s own rules of procedure when it comes to phlebotomy, as there isn’t a curriculum or accreditation that has been nationally adopted. In most states, people aren’t required to undergo training for different levels of phlebotomy practice.

While you would need to get re-certified if you’re moving your practice between states, for people who have been engaged in the field in recent history, the process is usually fairly simple and straightforward, and requires only the submission of documents for the most part. The exceptions are Louisiana, California, Washington, and Nevada, all four require state-specific licenses for potential practitioners.

Among the three, we’ll be taking a closer look at California, as California is the only state to impose its level of regulations upon the Phlebotomy Certification process. First off, candidates are limited in terms of what counts as valid experience, with time spent working in a blood bank or within the field of veterinary medicine not counting towards your certification. Secondly, the certification process is broken down into three levels, and candidates who are certified at a certain level are only authorized to offer care at that level. The three levels are as follows:

  • Limited Phlebotomy Certification (LPT)
  • Certified Phlebotomy Certification (CPT I)
  • Certified Phlebotomy Certification (CPT II)

Let’s take an in-depth look at the three levels and the differences between them

Limited Phlebotomy Certification (LPT)

LPT Candidates must have completed 20 hours of basic classes in Phlebotomy with one of the many schools approved by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). Following this, you must also successfully complete a certain number of skin puncture blood collections to qualify as an LPT.

LPTs are only allowed to do skin punctures

Certified Phlebotomy Certification (CPT I)

Along with all requirements of LPT training, candidates must also complete 20 hours of advanced classes at a CDPH approved school or training institute. Candidates must also successfully complete a certain number of venipunctures on actual patients, as well as a written exam.

CPT I certified individuals may only conduct skin punctures and venipunctures.

Certified Phlebotomy Certification (CPT II)

CPT II candidates must complete 20 further hours of advanced classes. They must also demonstrate proof of CPT I certification, as well as a minimum of 1,040 hours of onsite medical experience. In addition, candidates must complete 20 arterial punctures while under supervision from a senior medical professional.

CPT II certified individuals may conduct skin punctures, venipunctures and arterial punctures.

If you’d like to know more about how to become a certified phlebotomist in California, please contact the NAPTP, or visit our website.

Phlebotomy Certification with More than Levels

Drawing blood is crucial to a person’s overall health and as a certified phlebotomist you are helping people seek answers to their well-being through their blood work. From determining blood type to identifying risks for diseases and conditions as well as side effects from treatments, it all starts with the skill and service of a phlebotomist.

The levels of phlebotomy are determined by experience, but did you know you can add to your skill set with different tiers offered within phlebotomy? For example, you can also get certified as an Electrocardiogram Technician, or become a Cardio-phlebotomist both of which provide ample career opportunities in cardiovascular studies. Hospitals are seeking graduates to advance in dialysis clinics, cath labs, plasma centers, cardiology departments and so much more.

Medical assistants with a phlebotomy certification are in high demand, and now more than ever having an IV and vaccine certification that ride the coat tails of phlebotomy are proving to be in need all over the world.

Phlebotomy Career Training has all these courses and certifications available to students across the nation. A program specialist can help determine your course of action. What journey will you embark on? Medical billing and coding, pharmacy technician, medical assistant? Find your path at PCT so that you can count on a career that is in demand as well as contribute to the world of medical health.

Medical Assistants and IV Technician Certification Allows Them to Pivot into Other Careers

Health Spas have steadily appreciated in terms of popularity over the last few years. While the industry did receive a setback in the form of the recent pandemic, with life, as usual, resuming around the country, there’s no doubt that it’s on its way to recovery as well.

If you’re wondering what this has to do with medical assistants, you might just be surprised by what we have to tell you. Vitamin Drip Therapy is an IV treatment that sports all sorts of benefits, from anti-aging and skin health improvement to curing those post-weekend hangovers. While the positive and negative effects of the treatment itself have been debated heavily in medical circles and on celebrity talk shows, the jury’s still out on whether they’re concretely beneficial.

Medical Assistants and Lab Technicians are the prime candidates for administering drip therapy in health spas. If you’ve got a specialization as an IV Technician, then that qualifies you even further. So if you’re a medical assistant who’s looking to branch out or broaden your professional horizons, this might be just the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Of course, the opportunity we’re talking about comes in the form of an online IV Technician Certification program offered by Phlebotomy Career Training. The course goes into great detail regarding intravenous insertion and flushing and helps prepare you for any hazards while also discussing at length the practical and safety-related precautions you should take. The course is wholly online, so you can schedule in time as you can spare it. You have access to the course for six months, which gives you ample time to get done with the material.

The course also includes online practical sessions that are carried out under the supervision of an instructor. This gives candidates the to polish and perfect their technique on an intravenous mannequin arm, provided as part of the course.

And that’s not all. If a career in health and beauty applications doesn’t quite float your boat, you could still use the added knowledge to take on a more advanced career in assisting practitioners. Of special note are physician’s offices where drip therapy is provided.

Even for those who aren’t looking to branch out or change career paths, the IV Tech program is accredited through the National Telemetry Association (NTA) by CAPCE and allows them to earn continuing education credits that help update their credentials while they keep practicing. Since the course comes with an online option, professionals can adjust and learn flexibly as they get time.

If you’d like to know more about the IV Technician course and what it offers, get in touch with us here.

PCT Opens the Doors to Opportunity

A certified medical assistant has so much to offer and the interest in this field is growing at a rapid rate. So why not expand and capitalize on your certifications as a medical assistant? The more you know, the more you can help others and continue to make a difference in the world of health care.

Receive world-class certifications taught by experienced educators at Phlebotomy Career Training. Our programs are supported by numerous National Certifying Bodies throughout the United States.  With a 99% course completion rate, our students are the most sought after in the health care and medical industries. Our accredited programs include several tiers of phlebotomy certification, pharmacy technician, patient care, dialysis technician, electrocardiogram technician, medical billing and coding and so much more.!

As life happens and your priorities change, so may your career path. Seek out what interests you, because you can never have enough knowledge and experience backed by accredited courses that will take you down several different avenues in the medical health industry.

Phlebotomy Career Training Announces 13 Years of Educating Students in Health Care

Phlebotomy Career Training (PCT) is proud to celebrate 13 years in operation. PCT has been educating practicing and aspiring medical professionals since 2009, when the school was first founded in Garden City, Michigan.

What started as an on-the-ground medical training initiative has rapidly transitioned into a more holistic approach to modern education, relying on all available channels to deliver quality education at a student’s fingertips. At present, the school boasts dozens of programs, some of which are conventional in-class courses, while others are completely online.

To ensure consistent quality of education between its courses, the school has relied on innovative use of both the internet and modern medical training technology. The results have been promising; while many students still practice their blood draws in a clinical environment, a large number rely on the phlebotomy training arms while taking online classes and being supervised remotely.

Besides broadening the scope of what encompasses solid, results-oriented medical training, PCT has also expanded its catalog to include courses that deal with more than just phlebotomy and telemetry. Today, the school offers courses for Clinical Medical Assistants (CMAs), Lab Technicians, IV Technicians, EKG Technicians, as well as courses on administrative aspects of healthcare, like HIPAA and OSHA compliance and medical billing and coding.

The thought process behind the consistent addition of new courses and new teaching techniques has its roots in the same goal that PCT was founded to achieve: empowering adults to seek education and qualification on their own terms, according to their needs. Through the aforementioned online courseware, and fruitful, longstanding partnerships with healthcare providers, non-profits, and NGOs around the country, PCT has facilitated many adults in their pursuit of a medical career.

The results speak for themselves. With thousands of graduates now staffing hospitals and clinics around the country, the worth of a PCT certification speaks for itself. The school boasts a 95% employment rate amongst graduates, an exemplary statistic that goes to show just how much a certification can do for your career. In particular, the school has had success assisting nurses, technicians and other professionals acquire the skills they need to distinguish themselves within their fields and outside of them.

The school presently offers courses at every level, from those requiring no previous medical experience to others only offered to practice professionals. Certifications may be earned independently or as part of a larger course, which helps you brush up on multiple disciplines while also earning you multiple certifications. These certifications are backed by nationally accredited bodies like the NIVA, the NTA, and the NAPTP.

With 13 years’ worth of satisfied students behind it, one can only assume that the future bodes well for both PCT and the students who will use its services.

Medical Career Options for All

Whether you are already in the medical field or desire to pursue one, your options in health care classes are vast at Phlebotomy Career Training.  With courses offered both online and in person as well as several tiers of certification available in various fields, you are bound to find the level of education and training that works for you.

Medical assistants of all levels are always sought after and much needed. If you prefer something administrative in health care, medical billing and coding is a great choice. Dialysis technicians, accredited pharmacy technicians, telemetry certification and so much more.  Let’s not forget our shining star that serves as a stable foundation for all medical health positions, phlebotomists. Our phlebotomy classes offer many certifications that encompass different disciplines in the field ensuring capability to work in any part of the field with opportunity for advancement. Want to learn more? Call and speak to a program specialist today!

Licensed Practical Nurses Can Now Earn their IV Certification and Get CEU’s

If you’re a registered nurse in the US, Phlebotomy Career Training has an opportunity to earn those much-needed continuing education units (CEUs) while also getting a qualification that helps take you further as a medical professional.

We’re referring to PCT’s IV Technician Certification, an entirely online certification that helps brief you on the legal aspects of intravenous insertion and flushing, the principles surrounding it, the safety precautions involved, hazards, and treatment. The course also reviews Occupational Health And Safety Administration (OSHA) protocols. It discusses in-depth the equipment involved in venipuncture and the physiology and psychology of a person who has been treated via IV.

The comprehensive course spans roughly 30 hours of instruction and 10 hours of practice sessions. Of course, since the course is online, these practice sessions are carried out with a camera and an intravenous mannequin arm. The arm mimics the structure of a real arm and is meant to be used to practice procedures in the presence of an instructor. The instructor then provides feedback regarding improvements and important considerations.

As one of the many fully online courses in PCT’s catalog, the IV Technician course is designed to accommodate the busy schedule of the working adult. You have six months from the date of purchase to complete the entire course, giving you ample time to finish the 40 hours of material. Students are also given a copy of the national IV Technician exam guide, and the course helps prepare them to take the exam. The web-based course is accessible via mobile, desktop, and tablet and is available to students 24/7.

The course is intended for individuals who’ve already been practicing as a  phlebotomist, medical assistant, registered nurse, LPN, NP, PA, MD, dental hygienist, dentist, EMT, Paramedic, or Fire Fighter, and also requires prior knowledge of patient care and venipuncture.

The material covered in the course is of particular benefit to nurses who form the frontline of healthcare. The precautions, hazards, and treatments discussed in the course help provide in-depth knowledge regarding critical aspects of care.

Upon successfully completing the course, students are also entitled to CEUs accredited by the National Telemetry Association through CAPCE. The credits serve to showcase that you’ve been putting in hours to keep your skills at the cutting edge and help further qualify you as a medical professional.

The IV Technician course is only one of the many courses PCT has to offer, including a 20 certification bundle, strictly for in-classroom students. Other courses available in medical health offered at Phlebotomy Career Training include; Cardio-Phlebotomy Technician, Pharmacy Technician, Electrocardiogram Technician, Dialysis Technician, Medical Assistant, Patient Care Technician, Medical Coding and Billing and more! So many options pave the way into many different careers so that you are never without a job choice.

A national certification through the NAPTP is included with most programs. Having an extra level of certification does wonders for your resume as well makes you a desired candidate above others.

 If you’d like to know more about the IV Technician Certification course, or any of the other courses offered by PCT, consider visiting their website or dropping by their location in Garden City, Michigan.

Phlebotomy Technicians: 4 Tips That Will Help You on Your First Day

Phlebotomy isn’t an easy job by any means. It may seem simple in theory to complete blood draws and handle samples, but as with all things in a clinical environment, there’s more to it than meets the eye. However, that’s no reason to get dismayed or alarmed, though, because we’ve got just the information you need to get yourself started on the route to becoming a great Phlebotomy Technician. Let’s jump right in and take a look at the three tips to help you excel starting with your very first day.

1.      Keep talking to your patient.

Blood draws elicit all manner of emotions from patients. Some of your more stoic patients won’t even notice that you’ve gotten started (or that you’re done), while others might even faint at the sight of a syringe.

For the sake of your most faint-hearted patients, as well as your own, you should always do your best to keep lines of communication as open as possible. Not only is this a welcome distraction for people who’re worried sick by the idea of being pricked, but it also allows you to directly address and alleviate their concerns, making for a smoother procedure overall. Remember to listen attentively and respond reassuringly – it really does go a long way!

2.      Take your time with the equipment (before the patient enters the room)

This is another way you can make it easier for your patient to be confident about the procedure they’re about to undergo. Make sure you know what you’ll need and where it is. The last thing your patient would want is for you to start scrambling to find gauze or medical tape when they’re bleeding profusely. Take a look at your supply of medical equipment to make sure you have everything you could need and that you know exactly how to use it.

3.      Always remember to stay organized

It also helps if you organize your cabinets so that you can work more efficiently. A Phlebotomy Technician’s job can involve working with hundreds of blood samples in a day, and misplacing or mishandling any one of them means having to redo a blood draw, which is not something you or your patient would want.

4.      Lastly, don’t forget to ask for help if you need it

The hospital or clinic you’re working in is undoubtedly home to any number of long-standing medical professionals. Not only do you stand to benefit by consulting them on their opinions, but it can also be a great, stress-free way to learn the tricks of the trade quickly.

If you’d like to know more about what to expect as a phlebotomist in the work environment, please contact us here.

Nationally Accredited Programs for Medical Health Careers

Get the training you need to start your career in medical health with great success. Phlebotomy Career Training adheres to strict guidelines when it comes to the safety and sanitation of both the patient and the health care worker.  Aside from phlebotomy certification as a great stepping stone to other careers in medical health, there are many options and several tiers of phlebotomy certification available.

Other rewarding and invaluable careers choices available are medical assistants, pharmacy technicians, patient care services, dialysis technician, EKG technician, medical billing and coding and so much more. All of which are offered both online and in class with experienced educators and a customized learning experience.

There is a growing need for health care workers in all areas of medical health and having the proper training backed with nationally recognized and accredited certifications from the naptp and other institutions, seals the deal for a long term and rewarding career that will always be in demand.

The work of a phlebotomist is invaluable. This basic skill is nurtures all aspects of medical health and supports the services provided by medical assistants, doctors, nurses and all medical professionals. Call PCT today to learn more about our medical health classes and visit the naptp for more information about certification.